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Leaky Refrigerant Is a Bigger Problem Than You Might Think


When your air conditioner breaks or begins to do a poor job of cooling down the house, you hope there’s only a small problem. We get this question a lot, in some form or another: “Do I just need to add refrigerant?” You might assume that adding refrigerant (you may have heard it called “Freon™”) is a simple fix. But this usually isn’t the case.

You Must Seal the Leaks

If a technician tells you that you only need to have refrigerant added to your AC system, you should ask some questions. One thing you should know: Refrigerant is not meant to leave the AC system. It doesn’t dissipate naturally, and it’s quite problematic if it does leave the unit.

Refrigerant is designed to remove heat from the system and release it at the outside condenser unit. While heat dissipates from the system, refrigerant does not, and it continues on its path to absorb heat from the indoor air again.

Since it doesn’t leave the system naturally, low levels of refrigerant typically mean that there is a leak. And it’s important that technicians seal this leak in order for the system to perform smoothly and efficiently.

Call Technicians Early On

Call technicians as early on as possible when you notice problems with your AC system. Common signs of a refrigerant leak include:

  • High Temperatures
  • High Energy Bills
  • Short Cycling
  • Frozen AC Coil

If the problem goes on for too long, it may cause the entire AC system to break down, since it won’t work without heat transfer. Any of these issues might indicate a different type of problem within the air conditioning system, so you must have qualified air conditioning technicians check on the problem in order to prevent it from getting any worse.

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