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How a Ductless Mini Split System Works


We know there are a lot of people out there still living without central AC. If you’re in Florida, you’ve probably already found a way to stay comfortable—and that most likely involves using a portable air conditioner or a window AC unit.

These systems are not very efficient. Your window unit can only cool a single room. And, chances are, it doesn’t do a very good job of it.

A ductless mini split is different. Learn how this system can deliver whole-home, single-room, or multi-room cooling efficiently and effectively, and call our techs for more information.

Ductless Mini-Splits Have Indoor and Outdoor Components

Your ductless mini split system works just like a conventional central air conditioner or heat pump. Like a standard central AC, it has an outside unit that contains a compressor and a condenser coil. And like a standard AC, there are inside components as well. Refrigerant cycles from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit using refrigeration to cool the home—removing heat from the air inside and transferring it outdoors.

The Inside Components Are a Little Different

A traditional air conditioner has inside components as well, but the difference is that these are located in a central location. That’s because most AC units are connected to central ducts that can distribute air throughout the home.

ductless system has one or multiple indoor units, mounted up on the wall where you can see them. You can have one for every room or zone of your home, if you’d like, although most ductless systems are limited to four indoor units for each outdoor unit.

No Major Renovations Necessary

The indoor blower units on the wall connect to the outdoor cabinet with a refrigerant line. Your technician will only really need to drill a hole in the wall to connect all of the components. That means no major renovations.

And your new system will be designed to cool the space in your home. Efficiency ratings are comparable to those found on standard AC units, so you can expect to save if you were relying on multiple units before. And the convenience of a central thermostat is worth it.

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