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Choose Experienced Technicians to Install Your New Air Conditioner


You’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, but you’re trying to save as much money as possible. So you decide to start looking around on your own, comparing prices and doing some research on local handymen.

But your typical “handyman” does not have the proper certifications to install a new air conditioning system. There’s a lot at risk when you allow an amateur to install your new system; just take a look!

The Problem with Improper Sizing

It may seem like selecting the proper air conditioning system for your home is the easiest part of the process, but it really isn’t. You shouldn’t simply look at the old system as a guide to selecting a new one. Your older system may not have been sized correctly either, and it could cost you quite a bit to have the wrong one.

A system that is too small will have trouble cooling down your home, leading to overworked parts and a potential failure of your system far sooner than expected. A large system will run for short period of time and start up frequently, which takes its toll on the components and uses up a whole lot of energy.

Only one size of air conditioner is right for your living space, and you cannot simply measure square feet to find out which. The calculation for the “heat load” of your system involves factors like insulation, shading, and the direction of windows, factors an amateur won’t know to take into account.

Selecting a Technician

When you are looking for a technician to install your new air conditioner, you want to make sure that they have the proper level of experience and skill. Only choose someone with positive online reviews and a long history in the industry. This way, you can feel confident that your air conditioner is installed safely and securely, and that it runs as efficiently as possible. This means you’ll save more money in the long run, which can be a significant amount, and this is more important than saving money on the initial installation.

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