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All About HVAC Maintenance: What You Should Do this Year


The new year presents you with a new opportunity to think about energy efficiency and how you spend money on heating and cooling your home. This year, make an effort to get more comfortable without paying excessive amounts on your monthly bills. Follow these tips for proper HVAC maintenance and you may have lower bills, better comfort and long-lasting durable HVAC equipment.

  • Keep the area clean. Proper maintenance of any HVAC system involves making sure there are no large objects blocking the indoor or outdoor portions of the air conditioner, and that there are no objects too close to a furnace (especially nothing flammable).
  • Open the vents. Blocked air vents will prevent the air conditioning and heating systems from working correctly, since the system is designed to cool or heat a certain amount of space. Keep all of the vents in the home open for maximum efficiency. If you have trouble heating or cooling the home evenly, consider investing in a zone control system instead.
  • Change the filter! As HVAC technicians who see far too many preventable damages within air conditioning and heating systems, we cannot stress this enough. Change (or clean) your filter each and every month. A blocked filter keeps airflow from reaching the home efficiently, but cleaning reusable filters or changing disposable ones is a simple solution.
  • Join a professional maintenance plan. Regular professional maintenance visits help you by ensuring the system is in the best condition possible. When the parts run smoothly, you can expect your home to stay more comfortable for less money. A professional maintenance plan gives you one or two maintenance visits a year, along with additional benefits throughout the year, so call a local HVAC company to learn more.
  • Know when to upgrade. If your heating and cooling systems are over 10 or 15 years old, you might want to consider an upgrade. A new high-efficiency system helps you to save money each month, uses fewer environmental resources, and experiences fewer problems throughout the year.

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