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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning


High energy bills are a reality for most Florida residents as the weather gets warmer. And it often seems like the only way to remediate the problem is to turn off the air conditioner altogether. Here at Air On Demand, we don’t want you to spend more than you have to each month, but we want to make sure you are comfortable. Here are a few ways to save on air conditioning that won’t leave you sweating. 

  • Change that filter every month. The air filter in your air conditioning system helps to protect your system from damage, but it can do more harm than good when it’s dirty. A clogged filter cannot let enough airflow in for the system to work properly. That means it can use a lot of energy and it can run into problems given enough time.
  • Upgrade. Once your air conditioner gets closer to 15 years of age, it can no longer run as efficiently as it once did. Newer air conditioners are more efficient than ever, and you’ll notice the monthly savings right away. Eventually, all of those savings can offset the extra cost of a high-efficiency system, as long as the AC is properly maintained.
  • Get on a maintenance plan. Joining a maintenance plan can help you to save money over the years. Your air conditioner gets a tune-up each year as well as an inspection for leaks and parts that need repair or replacement. This helps to keep the unit running efficiently.
  • Use the thermostat responsibly. Finally, proper thermostat use can save you quite a bit. You don’t have to shut off the system completely. Keep it set to an efficient temperature (we recommend 78) and have the system turn off or raise its temperature while you are away. Install a programmable thermostat for this if you don’t already have one.

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