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Do You Have Dirty Ducts? How to Find Out


You might not know too much about the air ducts in your home. They’re behind the walls, after all, and up in the attic or in crawlspaces. And most of the time, you probably don’t have too many concerns about the state of your air ducts.

Dirt and Debris in the Ducts

But if there is too much dirt and debris in the ducts, you should be concerned, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s possible that dirty ducts can affect your health. Family members with asthma and allergies may feel it the most if the blower fans force debris from the ducts back into your living space. Second, ducts that are too clogged with debris have limited space, which means airflow into your home may be restricted. This results in an overworked system in many cases, and higher energy bills if the problem is severe enough.

So How Do I Know If They’re Dirty?

Of course, it’s tough to get a good look at the ducts when they are so well concealed. But there are some things you can do.

  • Try a flashlight. You might be able to get a look at the opening of the ducts if you lift off the vent or peer inside with a flashlight. Of course, this might not give you a good overall representation of the entirety of the ducts.
  • Look for other signs. Any signs of mold growth in or near the air vents or air conditioning and heating unit mean you should call a professional for air duct cleaning. Smells from the vents and any reduction in your air quality may call for an inspection of your ducts as well.
  • Call for duct cleaning services anyway. Maybe you don’t notice any signs like mold growth or smells from the vents. But if it’s been several years since you’ve had the ducts cleaned, or if you’ve made any major changes to your home in recent years, we recommend getting it done soon to prevent dust and debris from building up too much.

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