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4 Reasons to Throw Out Your Window AC


One of the most common ways homeowners cool down the rooms of their homes is with window AC units, but this is also the reasons that so many homeowners are so uncomfortable in the summer. These big, bulky units just don’t do the trick in the same way that central AC systems do. That’s why, before the heat gets more severe, we’re urging homeowners to get rid of their window ACs and upgrade to ductless units.

It Wastes Money

The main reason to get rid of your window AC is that it wastes so much money with each cycle. These are not required to meet the same energy efficiency minimum standards set forth by the government for whole-home cooling systems. They have trouble cooling a room efficiently because they cycle on and off so frequently, making your bills pile up, especially if you’ve got one in each room.

You’re Not as Comfortable as You Should Be

The window AC unit just wasn’t designed to cool the exact amount of space in your home. A shoddy design and amateur installation mean that it just might not do the trick when it comes to providing the cooling power you need to stay comfortable.

It’s an Eyesore

One of the main reasons homeowners finally ditch their window ACs is that they get so tired of the look. The loud bulky unit drips water outside of your window, and it’s simply not a feature of your home that’s pleasant to install and keep around year after year.

Upgrading to Central AC and Heating Is Easier than You Think

A ductless heating and cooling system provides the same power as any other central heat pump. It moves heat out of the building, with an outdoor compressor unit just like any other central system, so you don’t get that loud hum coming in through your windows like you do with a window unit. There are no major renovations—just a refrigerant line connecting the indoor components with the outdoor unit. And the indoor components are fairly unobtrusive. Blower units mount high up on the wall or suspend from the ceiling, staying out of the way.

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