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Don’t Put Off This AC Repair


An air conditioner is designed to cool a home. So when part of it is iced over, you might not be very surprised. After all, this can only help to keep you cooler, right? Not exactly.

When the coil in the air conditioning system’s indoor blower unit is covered with ice, you must take action. Waiting too long to repair your air conditioner will only force it to malfunction further, potentially leading to more costly repairs later on.

Why the Coil Freezes

The evaporator coil inside of your home freezes over because it does not have what it needs to effectively participate in the heat exchange process. Refrigeration is essentially a process of heat removal. As refrigerant moves through the indoor blower unit of your home, it’s able to absorb heat from the warm air blowing over the evaporator coil, and the refrigerant then releases this heat outdoors.

There must be enough warm air moving over the coil to keep this process going along. If there is not enough warm air, the coil might freeze, leaving it unable to absorb any more heat from the home and thereby impeding the cooling process.

The lack of warm air could be caused by issues with the fan motor, which isn’t drawing enough air from around the home. One likely scenario is that you have not changed your air filter in a while, and the buildup in the filter is blocking air from moving in. You could also be low on refrigerant.

Call Qualified Technicians

The first thing we recommend is that you try changing the filter, waiting to run the system, and then trying again. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to scrape the ice from the unit yourself, as this can cause damage to the system. If changing the filter does not resolve the issue, call qualified technicians to handle the issue for you.

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