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Is Your Air Conditioner Worn Out?


An air conditioner gets a lot of use over the course of its lifespan. And, one day, your air conditioner’s components will be so worn down, that the best solution might be to replace the entire system. However, you might still have time to fix the issues with your air conditioner and bring it back into shape for the upcoming dog days of summer. Find out whether your air conditioner can be revived in the guide below.

Signs an Air Conditioner Needs Repair

If your air conditioner is only in need of repair, and not a full system replacement, you might recognize one or a number of different behavioral and efficiency issues.

  • Poor cooling power.
  • Low airflow.
  • Trouble starting up.
  • Weird sounds.
  • Short cooling cycles.
  • A broken down system.
  • High energy bills.

Remember, maintenance visits can help to prevent your air conditioner from needing repairs.

Signs You Might Need to Replace the System

However, past a certain point, repairs are not possible or even economical in the long run. It’s a better idea to replace the air conditioner when:

  • It needs several repairs over the course of a year.
  • A repair costs half of what a new unit would cost.
  • It’s been around about 15 years, as the AC system is likely too worn to run efficiently, even with maintenance.

Maintenance Can Help

Sometimes, all you need to slow the wear and tear that develops with an air conditioning system is a little bit of maintenance. There are so many air conditioning issues that can be prevented or delayed with proper maintenance. Changing the air filter every 1-3months is part of this, but so is an annual professional tune-up. Professional tune-ups include adjustments that help the system to run smoothly, and an inspection helps you to detect problems early.

Call Air On Demand today to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance with professionals who care about your comfort, your budget, and your well-being. We install and service AC systems in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas.