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Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your AC System’s Efficiency


Routine maintenance is vital to preventing your air conditioning system from using up too much energy and performing inefficiently. Your HVAC system can actually make up over half of your total utility expenses, according to reports from the Department of Energy.

So naturally, you want to know how to save money while still using your air conditioner to maintain comfort as our hottest months quickly approach. We’ve shared some tips below on how to help your air conditioner work most efficiently this summer, with little to no cost.

Increase the Temperature

There is no need for you to be blasting cold air into a home that is unoccupied, or into a home where everyone is sleeping. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature for different times of the day to account for these scenarios. Even increasing the temperature by as little as 5-8 degrees can make a considerable difference in energy usage and cost. In addition, your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard.

Check Your Thermostat’s Location

Do you have heat-generating appliances near your thermostat? Be aware of items such as lamps or electronics. If these are located near your thermostat, they could be telling it that the air in your home needs to be cooled more. This causes your AC to run longer and work harder than it needs too. You also don’t want your thermostat to be located anywhere in your home that receives direct sunlight, for this same reason.

Remove Obstructions from Vents

Be sure to vacuum dust and debris away from indoor supply vents as often as possible. This isn’t a task many people think about, however doing this can help maintain steady airflow from your air conditioner. You should also be aware of any blinds, curtains, furniture, toys or other obstructions that may be blocking the vents.

Use a Ceiling Fan

This won’t decrease the indoor temperature, but running a ceiling fan with your air conditioner will help the air feel cooler. You may even be able to set your thermostat about 5-10 degrees warmer but use your ceiling fans only in the rooms you and your family are occupying. Ceiling fans use up very little electricity, making them highly efficient.

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