Help! Water Is Leaking from My Air Conditioning System!

This is one of the most common calls we get for air conditioning repair, and we understand just how frustrating a leak can be. The level of severity depends partly on the location of the indoor fan coil unit of your AC system. If it is located on the ground floor, you may not even notice the issue for a long period of time. If it’s located on the ceiling or in the attic, a leaky air conditioner can do damage to the property. In either case, mold can potentially develop, which is a problem you always want to avoid.

Why Does It Leak?

So why does in air conditioner leak? The answer has to do with humidity. Air conditioners, as you may or may not know, remove heat from the air in order to cool down a home. In the process, they also remove moisture from the air, and this dehumidification can make the air feel even cooler since your body can evaporate sweat with ease.

As a coil inside of the evaporator unit of your air conditioner cools down, moisture can collect outside of it as warm air blows past. Think of it like the condensation that forms outside of a glass of lemonade that is cooler than the air around it. The condensation on the evaporator coil should drip down into a pan that is angled and leads to an outdoor drain. But if there’s something wrong with the setup, this could just leak into your home. Here are some potential problems.

  • Broken condensate pump (this is sometimes included to help move moisture out of the pan)
  • Poor placement of the tray
  • Improper tray angling
  • Clogged condensate drain forcing water to back up
  • A freezing coil that causes water to leak as it thaws.

Any of these problems should be checked out by a trained technician in your area.

Is water leaking from your air conditioning system? Get in touch with the professionals at Air On Demand right away and we’ll make in out to any home in the Pinecrest, FL area as soon as possible.

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