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Don’t Wait to Repair Your Air Conditioner! It Could Cost You


Summer is over, but the warmer weather is here to stay for a little while longer in sunny Florida. If you begin to notice issues with your air conditioning system this late in the season, you may decide to put off repairs until the weather gets too warm for comfort again. However, allowing your air conditioner to continue to operate when it is in poor condition can carry consequences. Here are two reasons we warn our customers never to delay professional AC repairs.

It Can Only Get Worse

We don’t have to tell you this: an air conditioner won’t fix itself. A broken part can only continue to wear down until it no longer functions at all. Waiting for a technician to arrive and fix a broken down air conditioner on a hot day is not ideal. Besides, repairing a completely failed air conditioner may end up costing more than it would to repair the system early on. Other parts may have deteriorated while working overtime to compensate for the broken component, and you may have to pay to replace these on top of the initial cost of repairs.

It’s Already Costing You

The longer you wait to schedule repairs, the more it may cost, but this isn’t the only cost accumulating as time goes by. Because your air conditioner is working extra hard to compensate for the broken part, it is probably pulling in a lot of energy to do so. A broken air conditioner typically uses a whole lot of energy, and your bills are likely to reflect this. After a repair and tune-up, the system can run as smoothly as it was designed to in order to remain as energy efficient as possible. In fact, we recommend that you schedule annual maintenance visits in order to catch repair needs as early on as possible, to keep bills low and conserve energy.

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