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Our Quick Guide to the Coils in Your Air Conditioner


In general, you don’t have to know much about the various components of your AC system. But from time to time, we like to inform homeowners about the inner workings of their air conditioners so that they can learn about the best ways to properly care for their system. Today, we’ve put together a quick guide to the indoor and outdoor coils of your AC system, and what can go wrong with them.

Refrigeration: How It Works

Any compression based air conditioning system works in the same way: via refrigeration. The system cannot actually create cool air, since “cold” is not actually an energy. Instead, heat is removed from the air in your home as refrigerant transfers it outdoors.

As refrigerant moves through the inside evaporator coil, it changes from liquid to gas, and it absorbs heat in the process. When it cycles to the outside condenser coil, it turns back into a liquid and releases heat. Then it continues through the system to begin its cycle again.

Keeping the Outside Unit Clean Allows the AC to Operate Efficiently

The outside coil is fairly exposed to the elements, which means it can collect dirt and debris quickly without the proper care and maintenance. When heat cannot effectively dissipate from the outside coil, the system cannot operate properly, and you may pay more for cooling or repairs for a system that struggles to run.

This is why it’s so important to keep large debris away from the outside unit. And with regular professional air conditioning maintenance visit, a thorough cleaning of the system helps to keep the entire system performing in top shape.

Protect the Evaporator Coil by Changing the Filter and Calling Professionals

Caring for the inside coil of your AC is as easy as changing the filter regularly. The filter helps to keep the indoor portion of the AC from becoming damaged, but airflow is limited when the AC filter is too clogged with debris. This can cause the coil to freeze over, so be sure to ask a technician if you are changing your filter often enough (usually every 1 – 3 months).

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