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Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter!


During any air conditioning service, most air conditioning technicians dutifully remind homeowners to change air filters every one to three months or so. Some air filters are reusable, in which case you should follow manufacturer’s instructions for washing. In either case, this is an important part of owning an AC system, and your technician is not just reminding you for your health.

The Role of Your Air Filter

Many people assume that the air filter is designed to keep the air inside of the home a little bit healthier for the people that breathe it. In part, this is true. Air filters are rated using the MERV scale (minimum efficiency reporting value) which gives you a good idea of how effective an air conditioner will be at removing certain sizes of particles. For example, while a MERV of 4 can filter out pollen, it takes a filter with a MERV rating of 8 to trap mold spores.

But the filter was actually designed for another purpose. The blower fan sucks in air from around your home in order to cool it and send it back out through the vents. If it were to suck in debris as well, the air conditioning system itself could suffer damage. The filter keeps this from happening and allows the unit to operate properly—if it is clean.

The Problems with a Clogged Filter

A filter that is clogged with dirt and debris limits the amount of air flowing through the system. This means that the parts of your system cannot function as they were designed. In effect, the components can struggle to run and may fail prematurely. The inside cooling coil can freeze, the performance of the AC will suffer, and your bills are likely to increase if there is too much dirt in the filter.

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