Is It Too Early to Plan for Air Conditioning Installation?

You’ve decided that you’ll need a new air conditioning system for the new year. This is an important step towards improved efficiency and performance from your system for greater energy savings, as well as comfort and peace of mind that your new system will last for many years to come. It may seem a bit early in the year to think about it now, but here in Florida, weather is fairly unpredictable throughout the year, and most experts would say it’s better to replace an older AC now than later on.

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It may be the case that your air conditioning system still runs, just not quite as well as you’d hope. It’s certainly expected that an air conditioning system will struggle later in its life, offering noticeably decreased performance and taking longer to cool a home. And this means that you’re spending far more every month on your energy bills than you need to. An air conditioning system that takes longer to cool your home will use far too much energy to get the job done as the worn-down parts must fight to keep up with demands.

Besides, if you delay air conditioning installation for too long, you risk a broken down system. Installing a new air conditioner is not a process you’ll want to rush through, and it’s never ideal to be without air conditioning for any period of time when it’s warm and humid outside. A broken down system may even be more costly to replace, and it’s likely that you’ll end up paying more to replace a failed unit than you would have otherwise.

You should allow yourself plenty of time to plan for air conditioning installation, which generally means going through the process sooner rather than later. Give yourself some time to choose a quality contractor with years of experience and a variety of options to choose from. And remember that the install itself may take the entire day or more depending on the circumstances.

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