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Reasons Your AC Coils May Freeze


They are small but incredibly important to the operation of your air conditioner. What are they? Your air conditioning coils, and there are two sets of them: the condenser coils in the outdoor unit and the evaporator coils in the indoor unit. When there is a problem that affects how these coils operate, your entire system can be affected. One of the telltale signs that there is a problem with your AC’s coils is when ice forms. Simply scraping off the ice does not repair the problem, as the ice is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. This is why air conditioning repair is necessary when your system freezes, and the people you can count on to repair the issue is Air On Demand.

Reason 1: Dirty Air Filter

It’s such a quick fix that is almost seems impossible that a dirty air filter can cause such problems with your air conditioner. But alas, it can, and the sooner you have your air filter changed, the better off you and your system will be. Why does a dirty air filter cause such problems? Your AC system needs an exact amount of air flow to operate; dirty air filters act as a restraint because the air can no longer pass through it. Once the air flow has been stunted for a period of time, the heat release/cooling process is affected, and one of the results can be ice formation on the coils.

Reason 2: Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner was manufactured to work with an exact level of refrigerant; when this level isn’t exactly where it should be, the entire system is imbalanced and the heat release and cooling process doesn’t work as it should. Why does ice form? Ice forms because with a refrigerant leak, the hot parts of the system stay too hot and the cool parts stay too cold. Condensation forms because of the disparity in temperatures, but then quickly freezes onto the coils.

These are just two reasons why you may see ice develop on your AC coils, but the bottom line is that ice formation indicates a problem, and as soon as you see ice, it’s time to schedule air conditioning repair for your Palmetto Bay property. The experts at Air On Demand bring over 3 decades of expertise to every job, so call us today!