Condensation Problems with Your Air Conditioning System

If you listen closely to your air conditioning while it is running, you will sometimes hear the sound of dripping water. This is a natural part of the AC’s operation: during evaporation, which occurs along the indoor coil, water moisture forms across the coil which is removed from the air along with the heat. This condensation moisture then drips down from the coil, where a condensate pan catches it. A drain and pump removes the water moisture from the pan and out into your home’s standard wastewater system—and you don’t have to worry about it.

At least most of the time you won’t have to worry about it. In humid climates like those in Florida, a number of problems can occur because of excess moisture pulled from the muggy air and the rapid growth of mold and mildew. This can lead to water leaking from you air conditioner, a serious and often costly issue that needs immediate repair work.

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What Can Go Wrong With Condensation in an Air Conditioner

The condensate pan in an AC is not very deep, so it only takes a slow drain or basic clog to cause the pan to begin to overflow and send water out into your home. This will lead to water damage that can sometimes wrack up thousands of dollars in expenses, especially if it continues unnoticed for long enough. The extra water will also encourage the growth of molds and mildew, which will not only further cause damage to building material, but pose a health risk.

Another potential problem from dripping water is that it could cause rust and corrosion in your furnace. If you use a furnace along with your air conditioner, the furnace is usually located right beneath the AC, and the water dripping from the condensate pan will fall down onto the metal of the furnace.

The most common reason for a plug in the drain of a condensate pan is algal growth. This is a common issue in Florida’s damp weather. Corrosion can also cause the drain to break away and allow the condensate to fall right through a hole. To solve these problems, you should contact a professional repair technician to detach the condensate drain, find the issue, and then apply the necessary repairs or replacements.

Don’t ignore water dripping from your air conditioner: it means a serious condensation problem that will only grow worse. Give Air On Demand a call, and our skilled technicians will get your air conditioning in Homestead, FL back to prime shape in no time.

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