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What Is a DustStopper Filter and What Are Its Benefits?


Having quality indoor air is important for your health and comfort, especially today when homes are essentially sealed from the outside air for energy efficiency. Ventilation is a key part of this, such as opening up windows. However, having open windows and doors isn’t often optimal in Florida weather, so it’s also important to have filtration devices installed in your home to clean your air.

In Miami, FL, DustStopper filters are an excellent choice for reducing the effect of airborne pollutants in your home. We recommend them to our customers and have seen the terrific results they provide. If you are interested in having a DustStopper Filter installed, call Air On Demand today and arrange an appointment with one of our trained technicians.

The DustStopper Filter: What you need to know

The DustStopper Filter is a specialized filter designed to have a low impact on the airflow of your HVAC system while providing quality removal of contaminating particles that would otherwise circulate through your air. A DustStopper filter has a high efficiency level capable of trapping 99% of all particles larger than 10 microns. Unlike the competing standard filters, such as MERV or HEPA filters, a DustStopper filter will not significantly reduce airflow and add extra stress on your heater or air conditioner.

The DustStopper manages to achieve this level of filtration combined with reduction of resistance on air flow through its special design of high performance synthetic fibers. Although these fibers are dense, they can pull in larger volumes of air than traditional filters, while still catching the dander, pollen, hair, and mold than would otherwise enter your air.

The DustStopper filter must be professionally installed to match the air handler on your HVAC system. After the installation is completed, you can arrange with the technicians a schedule for regularly replacing the filter. As with any filter, a DustStopper will eventually become congested with the particles it traps and begin to negatively affect your air quality. Regular replacements will make certain your DustStopper filter always works for you, not against you.

If you have further questions about the DustStopper filter and if one will work with your HVAC system, contact our installation experts at Air On Demand. They can help you find out how best to put a DustStopper filter in Miami, FL to work for you.