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Components of an Air Handler


The HVAC system in your home that provides you with cool air has a number of different parts that work together. One of the crucial parts is the air handler. This unit is responsible for moving conditioned air through the ductwork of your home and into the various rooms through vents. If an air handler malfunctions or breaks down, all the cooling power of your AC or heat pump will mean very little: you won’t receive the cool air that you need to stay comfortable in the Florida weather.

At Air On Demand, we recommend Trane air handlers for Miami, FL customers. Trane has been in business in 1913 and has a reputation for innovation and reliability. When you need a new Trane air handler installed in your home, call Air On Demand for proper unit selection and installation service.

Air Handler Components

What parts make up an air handler? We’ll look at them in a bit more detail so you can see the important job that these units perform. These are the components specifically found in the Hyperion™ line of Trane air handlers.

  • Blower/fan: The most basic component of an air handler is a large fan, also known as a blower. An electrical motor drives the fan. Hyperion™ air handlers have a variable speed motor that reduces noise and allows for a more even distribution of air. The Vortica™ blower found in Trane air handlers uses less energy than other blower models.
  • Evaporator coils: The important part of providing cool air for an air conditioner is the evaporator coil in the air handler. Refrigerant runs through these aluminum coils, and as air blows across the coils, evaporation occur that causes the coil to absorb heat. As heat is removed from the air, the air becomes cooler.
  • Air filtration: The filter in an air handler helps to filter dust from the air so it does not enter into your home. The Trane CleanEffect™ optional filter removes additional dust, pollen, dander, and other pollutants that standard filters do not affect.

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We think that Trane air handlers are a great choice for your Miami, FL home. You’ll need effective air conditioning all year round, so make sure that you have the best air handler possible to take care of keeping you cool. Call Air On Demand for air handler installation. We’ll find the right size and model for your air conditioning system.