Signs You Need Duct Repair

*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

Home ductwork is designed to remain invisible. This has the negative side effect of making it difficult to know when the ducts need repairs to seal up breaks or spots where joints have separated. It’s important for your comfort, your HVAC system’s efficiency, and your indoor air quality that your ducts maintain complete sealing along their length.

When you know you need duct repair in Miami, FL, the people to call are our ductwork specialists at Air On Demand. We not only install and repair heaters and air conditioners; we specialize in indoor air quality and ductwork services.

We’re familiar with the many problems that may afflict your ducts, and we’d like to share some ways you can detect that you need repairs even though you cannot see most of the ventilation system.

  • An increase in your energy bill – When your ducts suffer leaks due to breaks or connector separation, the air pressure inside them will drop and affect the performance of your heater/AC. Your comfort system will attempt to compensate for the pressure loss to reach its set temperature, requiring it to drain excess power. If your heating or cooling bill starts to rise for no obvious reason, it may mean broken ducts.
  • Musty smells from the vents – Ductwork moves through closed-off parts of your home where dust collects and air rarely circulates: attics, crawlspaces, between walls. The air here is usually stale and musty, and breaks in ducts will draw it in and vent it out into your rooms, warning you that there is damage somewhere along the ventilation system.
  • Cold/warm spots – Because of the loss of air pressure from ductwork damage, rooms in your home will start to experience uneven temperatures. A room near to a major break in the ducts will not receive the level of heating or cooling it is supposed to, and you’ll discover that it has a temperature different from the rest of the house. If the HVAC system seems to be operating normally, these uneven heating spots often indicate ductwork trouble is responsible for the temperature change.

Ductwork repair requires trained technicians—not a few minutes with duct tape and some hope. Call up professionals for this job as soon as you sense you have a problem, otherwise you’ll face dirty air, higher bills, and an HVAC system that may soon start to sustain damage from overwork.

Air On Demand delivers quality duct repair in Miami, FL, as well as duct installation, sealing, and repairs to take care of all your ventilation concerns. Call us today to speak to one of our ductwork specialists.

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