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Air Conditioner Problems That Can Happen When You Don’t Change the Air Filter


The air filter in your AC may help you breathe more easily as it keeps unwanted pollutants like dust and bacteria out of the air. But if you don’t maintain your air filter, these particulates can build up over time and clog the filter. Not only will this affect the quality of the air, it may also prevent your air conditioner from working as it should. Sometimes, problems with your air conditioner may be solved by simply changing the filter. But when a clogged filter affects other components of your system, you should call a professional for air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

One problem that may be fixed by simply changing the filter is low efficiency. The indoor portion of your air conditioner uses a fan to suck in warm air from your home and remove heat from the air. However, your air conditioner will struggle with this process if a dirty filter blocks airflow to the evaporator coil. As your air conditioner works harder and runs longer to cool the air, your energy bills go up. Luckily, this problem may be solved by simply replacing the filter.

However, some problems will require the services of an air conditioning repair technician. If the indoor fan cannot blow enough air over the evaporator coil, it may begin to freeze. A frozen evaporator may mean you feel limited cooling from your air conditioner or no cool air at all. And if you attempt to fix the problem on your own by scraping off the coil, you may only make it worse. Low airflow can cause problems for your home and other parts of your air conditioner, so seek repairs as soon as you notice the signs.

Check with your manufacturer to find out whether your air filter can be cleaned or whether you need to purchase a replacement filter. You should clean or replace the filter about once a month, although this number varies depending on use.

To keep problems from occurring with your air conditioner, call Air On Demand for regular maintenance. However, if your air conditioner does run into problems, call us today for air conditioning repair in Doral, FL.