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Miami Air Conditioning Question: What Is an Air Handler?


Modern air conditioners have developed and evolved tremendously since they were first invented in 1902. Today’s air conditioning systems have numerous parts required to keep your home cool and comfortable—and this is doubly important in a city that can get as hot and humid as Miami. In this post, we’ll give you an introduction to one of the key parts of your Miami home’s air conditioning system, one that our highly trained technicians at Air On Demand often hear our customers asking about: the air handler.

Air handlers, also called air handler units (AHUs), take care of the job of moving the cooled air from your air conditioning system around your home. While the outdoor section of your air conditioner does the work of dissipating heat into the air outside, the air handler delivers cooled air into your living space. In short, the air handler is the “indoor” part of your AC system.

The air handler contains many important components: a blower fan, an evaporator coil and other cooling elements, and the air filters. All of these parts are necessary for the air handler to perform its vital job. Wear and tear, dust build-up, breaks, and the effects of the sometimes extreme weather conditions in Miami can cause your air handler to work less effectively—and perhaps break down entirely. If your air handler isn’t operating at peak efficiency, the outdoor unit will have to work harder to provide a comfortable temperature inside. And a broken air handler means no cool air at all!

Keeping your air handler working efficiently is necessary for your AC to provide you with the cool air that you need. The Miami air conditioning professionals at Air On Demand have years of experience working with air conditioning systems and the many variables involved. We are ready to answer your concerns regarding your air handler and help you keep it running like it was new.