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How to Keep Your Trane Air Conditioner Working Reliably


Living in Florida means enjoying a warm climate that lasts most of the year, and even during winter there are days when you’ll need to have your air conditioner humming away doing its job. If you have one of the many types of Trane air conditioners working to keep your Miami home cool, you’ve got a durable and dependable AC at your service.

However, even Trane air conditioners aren’t invincible; they require maintenance and occasional repairs. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that your Train AC keeps doing its high-quality job throughout the year. When you want to sign up for a maintenance plan or schedule repairs, contact Air On Demand today!

Ways To Keep Your Trane Air Conditioner Working Its Best

Call for repairs the moment you sense anything is wrong: Although some repair needs are hard to detect, most will give you signs of impending trouble. If you start to smell unusual odors from the vents, hear groaning and grinding sounds from the unit, or notice a drop in cooling ability, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. The sooner you contact professionals, the easier the trouble will be to fix.

Avoid undue stress and overwork on the AC: Just because you can turn your Trane air conditioner down to Arctic temperatures doesn’t mean you should. The lower the temperature, the longer the AC needs to stay on to reach it. Most people will be comfortable indoor at 68°F, so make that the target temperature and you can avoid putting unnecessary strain on your air conditioner.

Change the air filter regularly: The air filter in your air conditioner traps dust and other particles that would otherwise contaminate the interior components of the unit. During times when your AC receives extensive use, you should change this filter once a month before it becomes clogged. A dirty air filter will restrict air flow and may lead to internal damage to the air conditioner.

Schedule regular maintenance: Your air conditioner needs to have a regular check-up once per year, usually during the early spring before the heavier workload starts. A technician will clean and adjust the AC and check if there are any repair or replacement needs. You’ll end up with a reliable and efficient Trane air conditioner that will give you few problems through the next year.

Air On Demand works with Trane air conditioners in Miami, FL, so turn to us when you need help keeping your Trane AC working at top reliability. We handle installation, repairs, and maintenance on a variety of Trane air conditioners, and we can give you the assistance you need to get great results from your AC.