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Miami, FL Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Problems Caused by Dirty Coils


If you live in the Miami, FL area, then you rely heavily on the integrity and performance of your air conditioning system, whether it’s a Trane central air unit or highly ranked Panasonic ductless split AC. Even the most durable systems require repair at some point, though. One common cause of problems in your AC system is dirty coils. While we strive to keep our ACs clean throughout the year, sometimes this can be difficult. Even so, you should make sure that you’re replacing your air filter about once a month during the cooling season. For comprehensive Miami, FL air conditioning repair, call Air On Demand today!

Your AC air filter is designed to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris on your coils, among other components. Let’s take a look at a few of the consequences of dirty coils:

  • Inadequate cooling: This is perhaps the most irritating consequence of dirty coils. Our ACs work hard enough during the long hot Florida summer; dirty coils only strains them further. Your evaporator coil absorbs the heat from your indoor warm air, and then your air handler circulates the cooled air throughout your ductwork.  Your condenser coil dissipates the thermal energy from this process into the outside air, and provides cool refrigerant to the evaporator unit. Both of these units cannot perform their respective duties unless the coils themselves are free of debris.
  • Energy inefficiency: Nor will your AC use energy efficiently if it is hampered by dust and debris on its coils. Because the heat exchange processes are constantly impeded, your entire system will require more energy to operate than usual. The severity of this inefficiency will vary, but it may lead to substantially higher energy bills every month.
  • System damage: With the deficiency in performance and energy usage comes the risk of system damage. When your AC has an imbalance within its system, this can cause increased wear and tear and may lead to damage, if not taken care of as soon as possible.

Make sure you change your air filter on a regular basis to prevent dirty coils. For superior Miami, FL air conditioning repair or maintenance, call Air On Demand today!