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Dirty Air Filters and Miami, FL Air Conditioning Repair


Are you looking for something that you can do to keep your home cooling system working well all summer long? Your system’s air filter performs the vital task of protecting your AC from the accumulation of dust and debris. Fortunately, every homeowner can change his or her air filter at home: it’s both easy and necessary. In this post, we’d like to explain a little more about the importance of air filters and how they can disrupt the functionality of your system when they become dirty or clogged. For comprehensive Miami, FL air conditioning repair, call Air On Demand today!

Your air filter is installed there to keep dust, pollen, dander, and other debris from entering into your AC system. When this stuff gets in your blower motor or on your coils, it can lead to a serious disruption of the refrigerant cycle, whose effectiveness in large part depends on the cleanliness of the AC’s components. When it becomes dirty or clogged, it can actually begin to impede airflow. It actually stops cool air from entering into your ductwork and being distributed throughout your home. But the dangers of a dirty or clogged air filter don’t end there.

A clogged air filter can actually cause damage to your system. When airflow is impeded at your air handler, for example, your evaporator coil can freeze over due to the volume of cold air building up in your system. Moreover, this can cause your compressor to work that much harder to try and create enough cooling to break through the air filter, which has now become a barrier. This can lead to compressor overheating. It’s critical that you ensure that your system remains clean so that you can reduce repair needs whenever possible.

You should make sure you change your air filter about once a month during the cooling season. Speak to your local AC technician about what filter is best for your home. There is a wide range of types and brands on the market, and you need to find a balance between airflow efficiency and protection. Call Air On Demand today for comprehensive Miami, FL air conditioning repair services.