Miami Air Conditioning Repair: Condenser Coil Issues

As the temperature begins to rise in Miami, FL, homeowners everywhere are beginning to check their air conditioners to make sure they are in good operating condition before the real heat starts. One of the most common issues concerns the condenser coils, which are housed in the outdoor unit. The purpose of the condensing coil is to condense the high temperature refrigerant gas into a liquid. The condenser coils therefore get hot, and require an extractor fan to blow the hot air off the coils. For Miami air conditioning repaircall Air On Demand today!

Let’s take a look at a few condenser coil issues:

  • Damaged cooling fins. The fins attached to the coils are meant to provide additional heat dissipation. If they are located on the top or the side of your outdoor unit, then they may be subject to general wear and tear as well as damage. If these fins become damaged, they can hamper the heat dissipation process and cause the condenser coils to overheat. 
  • Dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can often have a negative impact on the condenser coil, as they do with any part of your air conditioning. While it’s imperative to keep all parts of your AC clean, a dirty condenser coil can create significant airflow problems, and can reduce the cooling effectiveness of your system.
  • Corrosion. Whether due to high moisture conditions or old age, your condenser coil can begin to corrode. When properly maintained and attended to, this problem does not often become major. But if it does, it can cause serious damage to your AC system.
  • Leaks. Refrigerant leaks can impact your entire system. Because your condenser coils are outdoors, they are especially prone to physical damage. Without adequate levels of refrigerant circulating through both the condenser coils and the evaporator coils, your AC system will simply not work effectively. You may also end up paying for more electrical energy to run the machine

Whatever air conditioning repair you may need, Air On Demand is here to help. Our team of certified experts can help you get your Miami air conditioning back up and running in no time. Call us today!

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