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Air Conditioning Repair in Miami: Why Your Fan Won’t Stop Running


In Miami, we tend to rely a bit more on our air conditioners than in most of the country. Because of the heat and humidity of the long cooling season, our AC is responsible for much of comfort we experience in our homes on a daily basis. That’s why it’s critical that we take care of any problems with its operation before they become major repairs or unnecessary replacements. One common problem that you may experience this summer is a fan that won’t stop running. While it seems like you would never want your AC to turn off these days, it should not run continuously. If one of the fans in your AC fails to shut off after the refrigerant cycle is complete, then you may have a problem worthy of professional attention. Call Air On Demand today for comprehensive air conditioning repair in Miami.

There are two basic fans in your AC. The outdoor unit contains an exhaust fan that pulls the outside air through the condenser coils, allowing the refrigerant to dissipate the heat collected in your home. Your AC’s other fan resides in the indoor unit. This is the blower motor that pulls in the warm air from within your house and sends it through the evaporator coils, which cools the air which is then circulated through your air ducts.

But like any mechanical component, there may come a time when your fans malfunction and they won’t turn off as they should. There are several potential reasons for this. First, it may be an issue with the control board on the AC itself, which is not communicating effectively with the motors. Your AC’s electrical system is an integral part of its operation. Alternatively, it could be an issue with the thermostat. If the latter is not sensing the temperature correctly, then it cannot communicate with the AC to turn off the fan.

Having trouble with your AC fan? Call Air On Demand for excellent air conditioning repair in Miami.