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Common Air Conditioning Fan Noises in Miami, FL


Is your air conditioner starting to make strange fan noises? Whether it has only just begun or has been an ongoing problem, now is the time to call the experts at Air On Demand for more information and to schedule repair service. We will come out to your home to professionally diagnose the problem and to offer you a solution. Call us today.

While the range of sounds produced by an air conditioner system varies from home to home, there are certain noises that may be specific to the fan, whether it’s part of the outdoor compressor unit or the indoor air handler. Below are some common air conditioning fan noises that you may hear in your Miami, FL home.

  • Ticking or clicking may mean that some foreign object is obstructing the rotation of the fan blades. Occasionally, this means a fallen branch, but it can also indicate a loose part within the internal mechanism that will require a professional to repair.
  • Humming may not indicate a problem with your fan directly, but rather with one of the motors operating your fan. If the fan in your air conditioning system does not work properly then it will not be able to distribute air efficiently throughout your home.
  • Rattling can indicate a problem with one of the pulleys that makes your fan rotate. Your fan may be damaged or no longer synchronized with the system.
  • Squeaking may be the result of an excessively dry fan, or possibly dried out bearings. Don’t let a simple problem like a lack of lubrication put the operation of your air conditioner at risk.

Remember that your air conditioner is a complex system, which is specifically calibrated for your home. Altering parts of the system without the knowledge and skill of a professional poses a risk to its efficiency and effectiveness. It also poses a risk to you. Servicing HVAC equipment can be dangerous without professional training. Call an air conditioning repair technician at Air On Demand today for more information or to schedule service. We’ll keep your air conditioner in Miami, FL operating properly.