What Does the Installation of Pool Heaters in Miami Entail?

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

A home pool is a fantastic luxury to have in Miami: a crystal clear swimming pool reflecting a clear blue sky is an ideal that many people have about what life in our city is all about. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get year-round enjoyment from your pool and make it more than a spring and summer way to relax. That sky doesn’t have to be clear blue for you to take a pleasurable dip… as long as you have the proper pool heater installed.

Air On Demand doesn’t only handle air conditioners and home heaters—we also handle keeping your pool heated and inviting even when it doesn’t have the Florida sun shining down upon it. We offer installation on a variety of pool heaters to fit all pool sizes and budget needs. Contact us for pool heaters in Miami, FL to keep your happy all year.

What happens with pool heater installation?

First, the installers need to determine how best to heat your pool. It requires a specialist to figure out what heater will fit best with yours and supply the proper heating capacity to provide a comfortable temperature. Another factor the installers will consider is the price of electricity in your area.

The actual installation process does not take long, and it doesn’t require anything as drastic as draining your pool. However, the installers will need to clean your pool of debris and check the pH level of the water to make sure it is balanced before they start.

The installers will then hook up the pool heater using PVC pipes from the pool filter return valve to the intake valve on the heater, which will run the filtered water into the heater. Another PVC pipe will run from the outlet valve of the heater toward your pool’s return valve: this carries the warmed water into the pool. The installers will make sure all the connections are secure and that the heater is receiving power from it source (this will usually be electric). The installers won’t leave your pool until they are certain the heater is working correctly without any leaks.

Call experts for to handle your installation and maintenance

Because of the factors involved in choosing the proper pool heater and making sure it is hooked up correctly, you should only rely on pool heating professionals to perform this job. After you’ve had your installation, make sure your heater continues making your pool a pleasurable home oasis with regular maintenance. Air On Demand offers an 8-point pool heater maintenance check.

Call Air On Demand today to see about our services for your pool heater in Miami, FL.

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