Common Causes of Heating Problems

“Heating problems” in Miami usually means summers that are far too hot and humid. But we’re addressing a different kind of heating problem, one that many Miami residents don’t think about too much until it arrives: problems with your home heater. We may have mild winters in Florida, but that doesn’t mean we will escape cold weather—especially at night—entirely. If you don’t monitor your heating system and take good care of it, you can end up with a malfunctioning or even broken system right when you need it the most.

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Here are a few common causes we often see behind the repairs we do:

  • Lack of maintenance: Your heater needs a regular check-up and tune-up, just like your teeth or your car. If you let regular maintenance slide for more than a year, the mechanisms of your heater will start to wear down, and the process will accelerate with each passing month. You can expect frequent malfunctions and eventual full breakdowns unless you enroll in a regular maintenance program that will provide your heater with an annual tune-up.
  • Duct breaks: If you use a forced-air heating system (such as a heat pump or a furnace), it sends its conditioned air through ductwork. If the ductwork develops cracks, breaks, or loose connections, the air pressure will drop. This will force your heater to work harder, leading to rapid wear and aging. It will also permit an influx of dirt and dust into the cabinet, which will damage the components.
  • Amateur installation: If either you or the previous tenant of your home relied on amateur work to install the house’s heater, then the heater will likely encounter an array of problems because of shoddy work. Although sometimes skilled technicians can counter this with repairs, often the whole heater must receive a professional replacement.

Attempting to do repairs yourself to a malfunctioning heater isn’t recommended, especially if you have a natural gas-powered system installed. We could’ve added “amateur repair attempts” to this list of causes of heating problems, because you are more likely to further damage your heater than fix it if you try the work on your own.

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