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Miami AC Tip: Why a Clean AC Helps With Indoor Air Quality


Indoor air quality may be much worse than outdoor air quality these days. Removing pollutants and undesired objects from your Miami home to create a healthy and dust free environment is the best way to ensure good indoor air quality. One of the main sources for these types of contaminants is often your Miami AC system itself. Because your air conditioning system circulates all of the air in your home, any contaminants present inside it will be spread around with that air.

To prevent this from becoming a problem, you only need to keep up with some regular air conditioning maintenance and cleaning. Changing out air filters promptly according to manufacturer’s recommendations is important, as is having your air ducts cleaned out professionally on a regular basis. And your air conditioning system will work much better and stay clean longer when you have it professionally serviced once a year.

Because all of the air in your home passes through your air conditioning system, it is a natural place for air cleaning to take place. Depending on the severity of your indoor air quality problem, you may want to have some type of indoor air cleaner or purifier installed in your home. This is most commonly done inside the ducts of your air conditioning system, and can be a very effective way of improving indoor air quality.

But just because you have an indoor air quality system in place doesn’t mean you can neglect the proper care of your air conditioning system. If you don’t keep up with regular cleaning and servicing of your air conditioning system, the level of indoor air contaminants can overwhelm your air cleaner and make it less effective. So to ensure that you have the highest possible quality of air inside your home, it’s essential that you keep your Miami AC system clean and well cared for over the long term. Call Air On Demand today to schedule a maintenance visit!