Miami Air Conditioning Tip: How to Protect Your AC System During a Thunderstorm

Early fall is hurricane season in Florida, which means there’s always the likelihood that we’ll see many storm systems and severe thunderstorms in the coming weeks. At Air On Demand, we care about the safety of our customers, so we’ve provided some helpful tips on how to protect the AC system in your Miami home in the event of a thunderstorm. We’ve also covered some steps to take if you think your air conditioner has been hit by lightning.

  1. To protect your air conditioning system from damage during a lighting storm or other extreme weather conditions, turn it off completely. If lightning strikes your home, or anywhere nearby, it can damage the electrical controls.
  2. Consult the owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to completely shut down the system. Or you can always call us if you aren’t sure how to turn off your AC system.
  3. Unplug all electrical devices to help protect all the electronic equipment inside your home.
  4. Don’t attempt to turn your air conditioner back on if there are still storms in the area.
  5. Once weather conditions are back to normal, you can turn your AC back on. Make sure the power is on and check your circuit breakers for any flipped switches.
  6. If you turn on your air conditioner and it isn’t working, check the thermostat to make sure that thermostat has power and is turned on properly. If not, turn it on, and lower the temperature enough for the fan to turn on. If this doesn’t work, check the breaker box again, or check the batteries on a battery-operated thermostat.
  7. If you’ve tried all of these steps and the AC or heat pump unit still won’t turn on, give us a call. We will send one of our technicians to your home as soon as possible to see if there’s been any damage from lighting and to get your system running again if possible.

Lastly, if your air conditioning system or heat pump has been damaged by lightning and needs to be replaced, check with your insurance company or read your policy to see if they will cover a system replacement or parts replacement.

The Miami AC technicians at Air On Demand will thoroughly check and test your system to ensure that any components damaged by lightning are fully repaired or replaced. Call any time for emergency air conditioner repairs.

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