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Miami Air Conditioning Guide: Ways to Tell You Have a Refrigerant Leak


Your Miami air conditioner uses a chemical solution known as refrigerant to extract heat from indoor air and cool your house. This refrigerant is potentially harmful to the environment, however, so it is sealed up tightly inside your air conditioner. Under normal operation, your air conditioner should never need to be refilled with refrigerant as another device would be with fuel.

So, if your air conditioner is not cooling your home properly, one possible problem is a refrigerant leak, but how do you find such a leak and have it contained and repaired quickly and affordably?

Finding a Refrigerant Leak

Most refrigerant leaks are very small and therefore hard to detect. This is how they can go overlooked when your technician inspects the system during routine annual tune ups. However, if the leak is large enough to detect, it can be done with a leak detector.

For smaller leaks, pressure may need to be added to the system to force the leak a bit and find it. Then you must find a way to track the refrigerant back to the source of the leak in the coils and patch the job. For all these reasons, leak detection and repair should be handled by a Miami air conditioning professional. If you find an oily spot on your coils, this is a likely leak. You can also use a detergent soap to make these oily spots more apparent.

 Calling for Assistance

While finding a leak can be done a homeowner, the actual process of patching the leak is a professional job. Leaks can occur in a number of places in your air conditioner but most often, they need to be soldered or patched in some way and that requires professional equipment and a keen understanding of how your air conditioner works. If you think your air conditioner might have a refrigerant leak, give Air On Demand a call today!