Miami AC Guide: Optimal Air Conditioning Installation

Guideline #1: Air Circulation Clearance

Air conditioners, whether they are installed in Miami or Coconut Grove, need to be able to circulate the air around them. They draw the warm ambient air in to keep the refrigerant lines from freezing and pump the cooled air out into the home. So, the outdoor condenser units need enough clearance from outside walls, shrubs and other possible obstructions. When installing an outdoor condenser unit, they should be set far enough off the house that air can circulate easily and any surrounding shrubs or trees should be pruned back or removed. Improper circulation clearance can degrade the performance of the unit and significantly shorten its life.

Guideline #2: Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines need some extra slack left in them to prevent possible damage. If a line is totally taut and the condenser unit were to move even a little bit – perhaps because of non-level ground or inclement weather – it can easily get damaged. Damaged lines can leak refrigerant, causing performance problems and potential health hazards.

Guideline #3: Proper Insulation

In addition to being protected from damage, refrigerant lines also need to be properly insulated. Inadequate or missing insulation can cause excess moisture and condensation from the lines, resulting in dehumidification problems, water damage and possibly even insect problems. Keeping refrigerant lines insulated also keeps performance high and operation costs low.

Guideline #4: Distance from the Home

There isn’t a set “proper” distance from the home for a compressor unit to be installed. It can work from just about any reasonable distance. The issue is just keeping the refrigerant lines at the right diameter for the distance, so that the refrigerant can flow properly.

Guideline #5: Level Ground

Finally, the outdoor unit needs to be installed on level ground, typically on a pad of concrete, vinyl or some other durable material. This helps ensure proper clearance (see guideline #1) and a unit that won’t move readily (guideline #2).

With an understanding of those five guidelines, you can have a reasonable idea of what a properly installed air conditioner looks like. Call Air On Demand today if you want more information about Miami air conditioning system installation!

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