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Is Your Miami Home Environmentally Friendly? Call Air On Demand!

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Local Contractor Going “Green”

Air On Demand is an environmental leader in the residential air conditioning industry. Our mission is to become recognized as the most environmentally oriented, customer friendly, air-conditioning company in the Miami area. Our values include unwavering excellence and quality in the products and services we provide.

Nothing feels better than coming home to a house which is environmentally friendly. Many companies have been slow in adopting environmental or “green” alternatives. At Air On Demand, we’ve embraced this challenge. We have started by converting five trucks in our service fleet from gas to fuel-efficient diesel trucks. We aren’t just a service company. We try our best to look at every aspect of an air-conditioning system to be sure we are helping our customers achieve the best energy efficiency possible. Many times we are able to help homeowners save up to 30% on their monthly utility bills. This not only helps our customers, but the energy savings reduces the impact on the environment as well. We’re a dedicated and reliable resource to help homeowners in reducing their carbon imprint on the environment. This is not just wishful thinking. Air On Demand is here to demonstrate how to take the first steps to achieve a “green” home.

Shannon Blaylock, Air On Demand owner, is passionate about the “green” movement. She notes that, “If we can reach just a hundred people a year imagine what changes can begin to happen.” If you are interested in learning about ways to make your air-conditioning system more environmentally friendly please give us a call at 786-573-8583.