Tips for Upgrading Your Miami Central Air Conditioning System

Has that old central AC system finally kicked the bucket? Is it time to upgrade an older air conditioner to a newer, cleaner, (hopefully) better model? Whatever the reason you may be considering an AC replacement in Miami, consider these helpful hints before proceeding.

1.Look at Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key feature to consider when buying any new appliance, including an air conditioner. In fact, increased efficiency on its own can be enough motivation for some people to seek out a newer model. When shopping for your new central AC in Miami, pay attention to the SEER ratings for each unit. This numbers are a federal standard that indicates energy efficiency. Higher SEER rating = more efficient AC.

2.Get the Right Size

You need an air conditioner with the proper capacity. One that is too small won’t be able to cool the whole house, and one that is too large will leave too much humidity in the air. Have a professional do a load calculation to properly gauge what size AC unit you need.

3. Have Ducts Inspected

Take this opportunity to have the air ducts in your home professionally inspected. As long as you are upgrading to a new, tip top AC unit, you may as well be sure that your ducts are in tip top shape as well. This will help the new air conditioner to perform as well as you are dreaming it will.

4. Replace Everything at Once

Much like your car’s tires, it makes sense to replace both the indoor and outdoor units of your central air system at once. That way they are both in operation from the same time and will work more efficiently together than two components from different eras. To optimize efficiency even more, consider a package system.

Of course, you will want to consult with a professional like Air On Demand throughout the process to ensure you get the right air conditioner for your needs and that it is properly installed. Although that point is mentioned in some of these tips, it bears repeating, because it is just that important to keep in mind.

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