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Miami Heating Tip: How Zone Control Can Benefit Your Heating System


Are you thinking of upgrading your heating system with a zone control system in your Miami? The heating experts at Air On Demand can help you out with this get more out of your forced air heating system and get better overall home efficiency with zone control. Call us any time to set up a consultation.

How does it work?

Zone control systems can be integrated into your forced air heating system. First, dampers are installed inside your ductwork, and these can be open or closed by a control board. When they are open, that area or “zone” will get more heat, but when they are closed, less heat is sent to that room. This is more effective than simply closing off vents or closing doors because it adjusts the air pressure inside the air ducts. When you simply shut off a room, there isn’t enough airflow, which can cause other problems.

Energy Savings

Depending on how many zones you want, you can save a lot of energy by not heating your entire home at once. If you aren’t sure, call Air On Demand for advice. When you hire one of our qualified technicians, the technician will test efficiency levels and fully assess your current system. Once we make our recommendations and install the zone control, we will make sure you know how to use the zone control system and the various thermostats to get the most energy savings.

Call the Miami heating experts at Air On Demand for Zone Control Installation and Service!

addition to installation, we can also repair or maintain your zone control for lasting results. Whether you want to retrofit your current forced air heating system, or you need a new heating system for a home you are building, call Air On Demand for all your Miami zone control needs.