Miami Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Causes of an AC Fan Running But Not Cooling

When an AC fan and the corresponding compressor and condenser unit run normally the result is properly cooled indoor air.  However, there are instances when an AC fan runs with no cooled air flowing in it.  Air On Demand is a Miami air conditioning company that provides AC services such as air conditioning diagnostics and repair.  We can help you understand the causes of an AC fan running but not cooling the indoor air.

Causes of an AC Fan Running but Not Cooling

The central air conditioner fan is designed to blow the cold air which has already been created throughout a duct system and into various rooms.  Generally if the AC fan is still blowing but the air is not cold there are a few main AC problems which could be the culprit.

  • There could be a clogged condenser or dirty evaporator coils which will result in insufficient air-flow through the vents.
  • A refrigerant leak could cause refrigerant levels and refrigerant charge to fall below what is necessary to actually cool indoor air.
  • The thermostat could be acting up, which means electrical wiring may be to blame.
  • The ventilator fan may be failing and thus running more frequently than it should.
  • A faulty relay could be causing the air and the heat to both be running at the same time which means air is tepid rather than cooled.
  • Poor insulation in a building or portions of a building could mean that air conditioned air that comes out of the vents cooled is not able to remain cool for very long because outdoor temperatures are heating the inside much faster than if proper insulation were acquired.
  • Duct systems may also have leaks or insufficient insulation, which would cause air to flow into unused spaces like behind walls or under floors, rather than inside rooms where the vents lead.
  • Dirty filters could be blocking proper air-flow throughout the ducts.
  • A tripped circuit breaker for the outside condenser/compressor unit could leave the indoor air handling evaporator unit working without the cold air to accompany it.

It is easy to see that there can be any number of AC problems which could cause an air conditioner fan to continue blowing while the air indoors is never properly cooled.  Let the Miami air conditioning specialists at Air On Demand do a proper AC inspection to determine the true root cause of the AC problem and provide you with quality air conditioning repair services that will have your AC system back to blowing cold air in no time.

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