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Miami Air Conditioning Question: How Do I Know When to Replace My Air Handler?


The air handler in your Miami home is incredibly important. Whenever you change the thermostat to turn on your air conditioning or heating system, the air handler goes into action. Within the unit, the fan blower motor turns to move air from the heating or cooling unit into the ductwork, so it can be delivered to you through your home. If the air handler is not working properly or if it is showing signs of age, it may need to be replaced to ensure optimal efficiency from your Miami HVAC system.

Here are a few signs that your air handler may be at the end of its useful lifespan.

Reduced Efficiency in Your Heating/Cooling System

The most common sign that an air handler is ready to be replaced is if the efficiency of your heating and cooling system suddenly drops through the floor. Maybe you are not getting even heating or cooling in every room of your home, or maybe your heating and cooling system suddenly costs much more operate. In either case, it could be due to a failing air handler which needs to be replaced.

Improper Filtering

If the air-quality in your home starts to suffer, it could be due to the filters not working properly in your air handler. Sometimes it is just a clog or a bad filter. Other times, however, it can be due to the air handler itself not working properly.

Constant Repairs

Obviously, if you are calling in an expert to visit your home and perform AC repairs on your air handler seemingly every week, it might be more cost-effective just to have a new system installed. You can talk to a technician to discuss whether or not the price of installation will offset the cost of all those repairs.

HVAC Upgrade

If you have an old air handler, often when you upgrade your heating or air conditioning system, it is recommended to have a new air handler installed as well. Your technician will generally recommend to you whether this is necessary, but it is important to keep in mind in case you are planning on having a new furnace or air conditioner installed in the future.

Your air handler is incredibly important, so if it is showing signs of wear or if you think it may need to be replaced, take it seriously and have a Miami air conditioning professional Air On Demand inspect the system right away.