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Coral Gables Air Conditioning Tip: Thermostat Options for Ductless AC Systems


Ductless systems offer cooling and heating capacities for individual or multiple rooms while remaining quiet and out of the way. But, because of their basic setup of being installed high on a wall or even at ceiling level, access to the indoor air handling unit to control temperatures can be tricky. So just how do you control the temperature settings on a ductless air conditioning and heating system? The Coral Gables air conditioning experts at Air On Demand understand the thermostat options for ductless systems and have provided the following information on ductless system thermostats.

Ductless System Thermostats

While there are some operational switches and controls on the indoor units themselves, most ductless systems use either wired thermostats that are connected to all of the indoor air handling units, or remote control thermostats which adjust the temperature settings on each indoor air handling unit.

No matter which kind of thermostat you invest in, ductless system thermostats can be preset to temperatures so that they automatically turn on and off when temperatures that are desired are reached without needing to have direct access to the actual indoor air handling unit.

Remote control thermostats are a great option because they communicate directly with the wall or ceiling unit, while at the same time taking a gauge of what the ambient temperature in the room is, away from the air handling unit. The remote control thermostat will have not only temperature adjustment options, but will include sophisticated features such as setback temperatures, night programming to save energy, timers, setting the clock, control fan speed, and even control special added features of a ductless system such as an air ionizer.

Wired thermostats are another great option, as they often provide a digital display which is easy to read and can help you adjust the temperatures for a single air handling unit. Wired thermostats offer the option of temperature control, fan speed, sleep modes and holiday modes for better efficiency.

So whether you have only one ductless indoor unit installed, or multiple units that you want to control from separate locations, or multiple units that you want to control from one single location, the thermostat options for ductless systems are quite diverse. Let the Coral Gables air conditioning specialists at Air On Demand help you decide which thermostat is right for your ductless system.