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Air Purification System Services Near Miami

The climate in Miami tends to stick to being hot and humid throughout the year. While a well-sealed home can provide comfort on even the muggiest of days, the drawback is that it leads to poor indoor air quality. 

A home with poor air quality can increase illness and leave you feeling uncomfortable even with ideal temperature control. This is why it is great to know about the helpful impact an air cleaner or air purifier can have on your home.

Contact Air On Demand to discover more about the types of air cleaners and purifiers in Miami we work with.

The Right Air Cleaner and Purifier Brands for Your Miami Home

There are a number of Miami air cleaners and purifiers on the market but here are some we highly recommend!

Dust Free® Active Air Total Home Air Purification System

If you are looking for a system that can tackle unwanted airborne particles in your home with oxidation or ionization, then this may be the right fit for you. The Dust Free Active Air Total Home Comfort Air Purifier provides filtration, ionization, and sterilization to give you clean, healthy airflow.

Clean Comfort Whole-Home Electronic Filter

It is hard to fight what you can’t see. That’s why this system is great to have. The Clean Comfort Whole-Home Electronic Filter can fight back against particles that are as small as 3 microns. The system uses an electromagnetic charge to remove contaminants from your home’s air.

Air On Demand Media Cleaners Air Filtration System
  • Designed to work in tandem with your matching air handler
  • An ideal match for your existing Air On Demand cooling system!

More About Air Purification Systems

We offer iWave products and services for a reason: they get the job done right. And when you work with Air On Demand, you can rest assured that these systems get the support they need to keep your air clean for years to come. Investing in an air purification system means enjoying less dust, less mold, and fewer viruses and bacteria in your home. Schedule an installation today


Why Use a UV Air Purifier in Miami, FL?

Products like designated air filtration systems or electronic air purifiers are great at removing many airborne pollutants from the air in your home. What they cannot do, however, is effectively deal with biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria. Because they are living microorganisms, they can reproduce. Destroying them entirely is the only way to effectively remove the threat to your health and indoor air quality.

That’s why we recommend you consider UV lights in Miami, FL. You may also see these systems referred to as UV lites or germicidal lights. Whatever you call them, they are the best line of defense against biological pollutants and the health issues that they can cause. We install and service UV lights manufactured by RGF®, a true industry leader since its incorporation in 1985. To learn more about UV lights or your indoor air quality, call our team today!

Whatever you need in a Miami air cleaner or purifier, know that Air On Demand is here to help. Our trained technicians have years of combined experience identifying the worst indoor air pollutants affecting a home and recommending a solution that matches your needs. Call us today to setup an appointment and discuss what type of air cleaner will work best in your home.

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