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Serving the Greater Miami Area


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Serving the Greater Miami Area


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Miami Air Purification Systems

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The climate in Miami can be hot and humid most days of the year. To block out the heat and reduce humidity, most homeowners have their homes sealed up tightly. This is important to increase air conditioning efficiency, but it results in unwanted side effects in the form of air quality issues.

If your home feels stuffy or your family is sick more often than you feel is normal, you may need to have an air quality system installed. To learn more about Miami air cleaners and purifiers for your home, call Air On Demand today for a consultation.

Types of Air Cleaners and Purifiers in Miami

Miami air cleaners and purifiers come in a number of different styles and sizes. To start, there are two main types of air cleaner – mechanical, filter based and electronic ionizers. Each type of air cleaner or purifier is designed to capture a different form of contaminant, so it’s important to choose the one that will best match the needs of your home.

Mechanical air filters use a media filter to block larger contaminants as air flows through the device. Things like pet dander, dust, pollen, and even some mold spores will be captured by these filters before they can circulate into your home. Media air filters are rated on the MERV scale – the higher the rating the more contaminants the filter will remove. While HEPA filters are the highest caliber on the market, it’s best to talk with an expert to determine the best option for your particular air handler.

Electronic air cleaners and purifiers are slightly different in that they use an ionization process to remove particles from indoor air. Instead of moving air over a filter, they charge the air which separates smaller particles like those in smoke and removes them from air flow.

Why Use a UV Air Purifier in Miami, FL?

Products like designated air filtration systems or electronic air purifiers are great at removing many airborne pollutants from the air in your home. What they cannot do, however, is effectively deal with biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria. Because they are living microorganisms, they can reproduce. Destroying them entirely is the only way to effectively remove the threat to your health and indoor air quality.

That’s why we recommend you consider UV lights in Miami, FL. You may also see these systems referred to as UV lites or germicidal lights. Whatever you call them, they are the best line of defense against biological pollutants and the health issues that they can cause. We install and service UV lights manufactured by RGF®, a true industry leader since its incorporation in 1985. To learn more about UV lights or your indoor air quality, call our team today!

The Right Air Cleaner and Purifier Brands for Your Miami Home

There are a number of Miami air cleaners and purifiers on the market, but we highly recommend those from Air On Demand and the Dust Free® Active Air Total Home Air Purification system. Designed to work in tandem with your matching air handler, the Air On Demand Media Cleaners air filtration system is an ideal match for your existing Air On Demand cooling system. The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier supports all three levels of the clean air strategy: Filtration, Purification, and Sterilization. Click Here to Learn More and start breathing clean air today! 

Whatever you need in a Miami air cleaner or purifier, know that Air On Demand is here to help. Our trained technicians have years of combined experience identifying the worst indoor air pollutants affecting a home and recommending a solution that matches your needs. Call us today to setup an appointment and discuss what type of air cleaner will work best in your home.

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