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DustStopper Filters in Miami

Indoor air quality is a primary concern for any homeowner, especially in Miami. Without proper filtration and air cleaning, your home can become a hotbed of pollutants that inflame allergies and asthma, and worsen illnesses. A combination of regular maintenance and proper filtration can greatly reduce the impact of allergens and pollutants, however, which is why we recommend DustStopper filters for your home.

Air On Demand has been installing and maintaining indoor air quality systems for more than a decade, ensuring your home is not only comfortable but safe. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or would like to discuss the options we offer, call today to talk to one of our customer care specialists.

What Is a DustStopper Filter?

A Miami DustStopper filter installation is highly recommended for a few reasons. These filters, installed in your air handler can instantly reduce the number of pollutants present in your home by many orders of magnitude. Normally, without proper filtration, common allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold would circulate through your home’s indoor air supply again and again. Because of the high level of insulation in most modern homes, those pollutants wouldn’t be vented from the house, nor would fresh air be allowed in to replace them.

A DustStopper filter blocks these larger contaminants from ever circulating. Built from high performance synthetic fibers, DustStopper filters offer a dense filter media that can pull a large volume of pollutants from the air without blocking air flow and decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. A DustStopper Filter is unique in that it offers the benefits of a high efficiency filter – blocking 99% of all particles larger than 10 microns – without the efficiency hindering effects of a super high MERV or HEPA filter. When combined with an air cleaner or purifier, your home will be effectively clear of major allergens.


Installation and Maintenance of Your DustStopper Filter in Miami

If you are ready to have a Miami DustStopper filter installed in your home, the first thing you should do is give us a call and have a technician inspect your air handler and current air conditioner. We can then work with you to select a solution that matches the specific needs of your home.

Once your filter is installed, we will set a schedule for replacement of the filters to ensure your system stays as efficient as possible at removing those pollutants. Remember that a dirty filter can be worse for your indoor air quality than no filter at all and can put undue stress on your HVAC components.

Whatever your Miami DustStopper filter needs, know that Air On Demand is here for you. Our trained technicians are on call to discuss with you your indoor air quality concerns and to install a new filtration system to keep you and your family both safe and comfortable no matter what conditions are like outside.

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