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When Is the Best Time for Pool Heater Installation?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

Is your swimming pool going to waste during the cooler days? Summer arrives early in Miami, and, most of the year, we get to enjoy the warm weather. A nice dip in the pool is welcome on a hot day, but when temperatures drop below 70 degrees, we hoist up the pool cover and wait for a sunny day. You put a lot of time and money into your swimming pool, but during colder months and chilly nights, you don’t get to take advantage of your investment.

At Air on Demand, we install pool heaters all year round so that you can enjoy your pool no matter what the temperature is outside. Call our friendly technicians today to discuss your options for pool heater installation in Miami.

Why Install a Pool Heater?

The first reason to install a pool heater is so that you can enjoy your pool throughout the year. When visitors come to Miami, they often don’t expect the temperatures to dip below 75 degrees. As we all know, we get our fair share of chilly days and nights. Swimming pools help to give us some much-needed daily exercise and stress relief, so letting that go to waste is a shame.

Furthermore, pool heaters are not very costly to maintain and run. Pool heaters keep your pool warm using heat pump technology to absorb heat from the air and use it to heat up the water. This means that they do no they have to generate heat, but only to move it from one place to another. And they only turn on when needed. This is an efficient mode of heating with a low environmental impact that is often used by homeowners looking to save money on home heating as well.

When Is It Time for Installation?

Don’t wait for another drop in temperatures before scheduling pool heater installation. A pool heater is useful at any time of year so that you can keep your pool at the most comfortable temperature possible. Call Air on Demand to speak with an expert about installation in Miami today so that your new pool heater is waiting for you as soon as the temperature outside is less than ideal.

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How Long Will Pool Heaters Last?

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

All mechanical equipment has an expiration date, and as a consumer, it’s important to know when you can expect certain systems and appliances may need replacement. However, a lot of factors can affect when you may need to replace a product, including proper usage and maintenance. When it comes to pool heaters, there is a fairly wide range for lifespan expectation; on average, it is 6-12 years. What can affect the lifespan of your pool heater? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Chemistry of Your Pool Water

Pools balance a number of chemicals both organic and added that help keep the water clean to swim in. It’s recommended that you test your pool water weekly to make sure that it is in proper balance, especially where alkalinity and calcium are concerned. When the alkalinity isn’t balanced, the lack or excess of acid in the water can hasten corrosion, as can too little calcium. Additionally, too much calcium can lead to scale, which restricts water flow. The best way to ensure that your pool maintains healthy chemistry levels is to conduct a weekly water test.

Effect of Power Problems

Your pool heater needs power to operate and as such is connected to your main line of electricity. However, should you experience power outages or surges of power due to weather events or other reasons, so, too, does your pool heater. If your pool heater is the subject of many power ups-and-downs, these surges may cause premature aging and damage.


Your pool heater should be scheduled at least once a year for maintenance, and can benefit from bi-annual maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, your pool heater will be thoroughly inspected, components will be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, and the unit will be tested for safety and performance.

With regular maintenance and attention to your pool’s water chemistry, you should be able to make your pool heater last for a number of years. Have questions? Call the trained experts at Air on Demand and schedule an appointment today for professional pool heater service in Homestead.

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Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Pool Heaters?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

A pool heater can extend the pool season for your home: you will get much more use from your recreational pool during the year with the right heating system keeping it warm through the cooler months. When you call Air on Demand for pool heater service, we will make the effort to see that you have a comfortable pool your family and guests can enjoy around the year. We offer many services for pool heaters in Miami, FL, including installation work that will ensure a system that works at peak efficiency.

The Tricky Business of Sizing a Pool Heater

One of the important parts of putting in a pool heater is making sure it is the correct size to maintain the comfortable temperature you want. For most people, the ideal warmth for a pool is between 84° and 86°F. The main obstacle with heating a pool is not the volume of water in the pool, but the amount of heat loss through evaporative cooling that occurs across the service. The job of the pool heater is to replace the heat loss that occurs across the surface, and so the surface size of the pool and the average outdoor temperature are the most crucial factors that a professional installer needs to consider. Average wind levels are also important, since wind increases the amount of evaporative cooling.

In cases of heating the interior of a home, HVAC installers must find a heating system (furnace, boiler, heat pump, etc.) that provides sufficient heat for comfort, but not too much that the system will start to short-cycle, i.e. turn itself off prematurely because it raised the indoor temperature too fast. The same isn’t true of pool heaters, however. A pool heater can be undersized: if it cannot replace the heat lost through evaporative cooling, the pool’s temperature will fall below the ideal. However, there is no such thing as oversizing a pool heater. The larger the heater’s output, the faster it heats the water in the pool, and it will not begin short-cycling.

Nonetheless, although a larger pool heater doesn’t pose the same problems that an oversized indoor heater does, it will cost you more money to install a larger heating system. You want to have your pool heater land in the right zone for comfort and your budget plans. This is why professional installers are key. They will make the measurements necessary to determine the minimum BTU output to reach the 84–86° range based on surface area and rate of heat loss, and then help you decide on the efficiency, fuel type, and size of heating system that meets your budget.

If you are ready to elongate the swimming season at your home, call Air on Demand today and speak to our experts on pool heaters in Miami, FL. We handle everything necessary for a swimming pool you can enjoy day or night, around the year.

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How Long Does Pool Heater Installation Take

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

Choosing to install a new pool heater is a great way to get a return on your initial investment. Pool heaters give homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their swimming pools year-round without having to bear with the colder temperatures. So if you’ve decided to install a pool heater but haven’t scheduled installation yet, it may be because you still have a few questions about the process. And while the main question on most homeowners’ minds involves cost, others often ask the question: how long will installation take?

Of course, there’s no simple answer to this question. In general, you’ll have to have a technician come look at your pool and discuss your options before they decide on a plan of action. You’ll also need to choose the type of pool heater you’d like to use. You can choose between energy efficient heat pumps or gas-powered models. Most technicians recommend a heat pump as these use very little energy, requiring refrigerant and a pump to move heat from the outside air into your swimming pool. You should give yourself plenty of time to pick the right option for you and make sure a technician sizes the unit for your pool.

Most types of pool heaters will involve outside installation of some sort, and if you need to mount your outside unit in concrete (which is usually the standard process to install a heat pump pool heater), you should allow for an additional day or two. All in all, pool heater installation can take a single day or it can take a few days—it is entirely contingent on your individual needs.

After your pool heater is installed, you’ll still likely have to wait a few days before you can use it although, again, this depends on the size of the pool. It can take as many as three days to heat up a larger pool, if the outside temperature is much cooler than your desired pool temperature. If you’re hoping to take advantage of your pool heater before cooler temperatures start to kick in, call Air on Demand to learn more about how professionals install pool heaters here in Miami.

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What Might Go Wrong with Your Heat Pump Pool Heater

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

When you first purchased a swimming pool, you intended to use it all year long in order to get the most out of your investment. Of course, you didn’t envision that the water could become so cool, even in the beautiful Florida weather. A cold pool can make it less enjoyable and can keep you from getting the most out of your investment, which is why many homeowners choose to add on a pool heater as well.

If you own a heat pump pool heater, annual maintenance is key to keeping it working as it should all year round. While these are some of the most efficient types of pool heaters available on the market, there are a few things that may go wrong over time. Let’s take a look.

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Heat pump pool heaters use refrigerant to absorb heat from the outdoor air, heat it up even further at the compressor, and transfer the heat to a heat exchanger through which water from the pool becomes heated. If refrigerant is low, you may notice insufficient heating or your system may fail to operate, and a technician will have to seal the leak(s).
  • Broken Fan Motor: A large fan draws in air from the outside so that refrigerant can absorb the heat. If the fan motor breaks due to electrical problems or debris blocking the motor, a technician may need to repair or replace the motor or the fan.
  • Heat Exchanger Problems: The heat exchanger is built to be fairly durable, but it could still fall victim to corrosion due to chemicals in the pool.
  • Faulty Compressor: The compressor is the unit that heats up refrigerant to an extreme temperature and raise the pressure so that it can heat the water and pump back through the unit. If this is impaired, it may require a brand new unit.
  • Improper Sizing: Unfortunately, a broken down pool heater, one that uses far too much energy, or a heater that doesn’t quite seem to do its job effectively may be the wrong size for your pool. Only let an experienced professional size your new water heater to prevent these sorts of problems from occurring.

Heat pump pool heaters are some of the most durable and efficient on the market, but they may need repairs at some point in time. Call Air on Demand for quality installation, maintenance or repair for pool heater in Kendall.

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Why You Need Pool Heater Maintenance This Fall

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

If you own a pool, you probably already know how much work it is to keep it in good condition. Pools require a lot of vacuuming, filtering, and fishing out debris to ensure an optimal swimming environment. One thing that not a lot of homeowners think about, however, is pool heater maintenance. After all, pools tend to see the most use during the summer, where heating is hardly necessary. As winter approaches, however, it behooves you to make sure that your heater is in good condition. Here are some of the reasons to conduct pool heater maintenance this fall.


Just like furnaces, boilers, and other home heating systems, pool heaters are most susceptible to breakdowns during periods of heavy usage. This is obviously going to be during the winter months, as very few people are going to want to swim in sub-fifty degree water. Fall maintenance ensures that your pool heater is in top working order right before you’ll be using it the most, decreasing the chances of an inconvenient and costly breakdown.


If a problem is discovered with your pool heater during regular maintenance, it usually isn’t that difficult or expensive to fix. Problems that are left alone, however, tend to get progressively worse until they cause a breakdown or other more serious issues. As is the case with other home maintenance, the longer you ignore potential problems, the worse they will get.

This is especially true in winter, where a broken pool heater makes your pool more or less unusable until you get it fixed. Pool repairs of any kind are rarely cheap, so by ignoring fall maintenance you also face the risk of a costly repair procedure.

A pool is a great thing to have as a homeowner. They provide exercise, entertainment, and relaxation year round, as long as they are kept in good condition. Don’t let yours incur problems that could have been avoided. Get your pool heater checked this fall.

If you haven’t had your pool heater checked yet this year, call Air on Demand. We offer quality pool heater services in the Doral, FL area.

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Make Sure You Schedule Maintenance for Your Pool Heater

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

With summer now over, you’re probably thankful that you have a pool heater installed to keep your swimming pool warm during the cooler weather. A properly installed pool heater will ensure that you receive the most use possible from your pool during the year, even through the winter.

Your pool heater, however, may not be ready for the work it will need to do. During the fall is an excellent time to schedule that important regular maintenance so the heater not only keeps the pool comfortable, but also won’t drain extra energy. Our team at Air on Demand offers quality maintenance service for pool heaters in Coral Gables, FL and the surrounding areas, so contact us today to arrange for your annual inspection and tune-up visit.

Why You Need Pool Heater Maintenance

A pool heater has maintenance needs similar to any home heating system: like furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers, a pool heater must have an annual check-up and inspection to see that it will work throughout the cooler months. Maintenance is also necessary to see that the pool heater lives up to its estimated lifespan.

Most pool heaters work through technology similar to that of a heat pump or air conditioner, and they need yearly service to see that their most crucial component—the compressor—is not in danger of burning out. Should a compressor burn out, the entire pool heater will usually need to be replaced. Electrical components in pool heaters will also start to wear down without maintenance, and will sometimes require replacements. Technicians take special care to investigate electrical components in a pool heater.

What Happens During Pool Heater Maintenance

When you contact us for a regular maintenance session for a pool heater, one of our skilled technicians will run through an 8-point checklist to see that the system works its best and does not require any repairs. The specific types of checks done with depend on the type of pool heater you have.

A technician will check on the refrigerant pressure, check and clean contacts, capacitors, the condenser coil, fan motors, and see that the compressor is working without extra strain. The technician will finish the session with a system efficiency test and a check on the temperature input and outflow. If anything appears amiss, the technician will advise you on repairs and parts replacement, and then help arrange for the work necessary.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Maintenance

If you haven’t had a tune-up and inspection for your pool heater in a few years, it is never too late to get started. Call Air on Demand today and ask about our maintenance services for pool heaters in Coral Gables, FL.

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Why You Should Install a Pool Heater in Palmetto Bay, FL

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

There are few home luxuries better than a swimming pool. During a sunny summer in Florida, a pool turns your home like a vacation spot, and any weekend day feels like a holiday. But what about the rest of the year? To enjoy the most days possible from your home’s pool, you should have a pool heater installed that broadens how much you can enjoy your pool.

It’s simple to have a pool heater installed: contact the professionals at Air on Demand. We specialize in pool heaters in Palmetto Bay, FL, and our installers will calculate the size and type of pool heater necessary to give you a year-round oasis in your backyard. We also offer pool heater replacement, repair, and maintenance services so you will also be able to enjoy a heated pool whenever you want it.

The Reasons You Should Install a Pool Heater

Direct sunlight on a pool during the summer helps warm up the water. However, the large surface area of a swimming pool allows heat from the water to rapidly escape into the air, so the temperature outside doesn’t have to drop far before the pool cools down to a level that makes it difficult to enjoy. A pool heater replaces the heat lost along the surface and maintains a pleasant temperature that allows you to relax in the pool on a cloudy or overcast day.

A pool heater will give you many more days to spend enjoying the luxurious pleasures of your swimming pool. With the generally mild fall and winter season in Florida, you could potentially use your pool every month of the year. And you won’t have to worry about exorbitant heating costs if you rely on professionals for the installation work. The technicians will help you select from a number of different models (electric resistance heaters, heat pumps) to match with the size of your pool (specifically its surface area), local temperatures, and the cost of power in your area so that your receive the most cost-effective heating system. And once the heater is installed, you can expect years of excellent service from it: when you multiply those years by the number of extra days you’ll be able to enjoy the pool annually, you will see the huge advantage of deciding on installing a pool heater.

The team at Air on Demand has many years of experience with sizing and installing pool heaters in Palmetto Bay, FL. Call us today for an appointment so we can look over your pool and find out what it needs for comfortable, year-round heating.

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Miami Pool Heaters

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Pool Heaters | Miami | Air On DemandDid you know that Air On Demand installs and maintains pool heaters in the Miami area? Sure in summer you are happy for the cool water in your pool that allows you to cool off, but you should be able to use your pool year round! We can offer you various installations and set-ups to match any pool. Most people with pool heaters don’t know that they need annual maintenance. A technician from Air On Demand will check all of your electrical connections, the compressor in the heat pump, and clean your filters.

Call Air On Demand for all of your air conditioning, heating, and pool heater needs.

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