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Air On Demaind: A Greener Business

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Green Business | Miami | Air On DemandThe Pinecrest Tribute: E-mail vs. Paper? The Answer Does Make A Difference

According to a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report:
• Nearly 4 billion trees per year are cut down due to the paper industry.
• Today, the world consumes about 300 million tons of paper each year.
• The U.S., which contains only 5% of the world’s population, uses 30% of all paper.

If we look at the big picture, reducing paper waste affects not only trees. One must think about the entire process involved in producing printed material. What impact does the machinery and trucks used to harvest the trees have? What about the factories and chemicals that are used when making paper? Have you ever seen the smoke stacks at a paper factory? How about the vehicles that are used in transporting the paper from the factory to a local printer? Then how does
the printed material make it to the end user? The full impact is almost immeasurable. At Air On Demand, we have dedicated ourselves to finding ways to reduce those numbers and our impact on the environment. We have moved our Service Technicians from the old style “carbon service receipt” to new modern laptops. We are using laptops and wireless internet to communicate and dispatch real-time information to our Service Technicians in the field. All service receipts are completed using mobile applications, no more “old carbon” receipts. We don’t even have to print a “paper” receipt unless a customer requests it. In many cases, we just e-mail customers their service receipts. Not only does this new technology help us reduce paper waste, it allows us to be more efficient and allows us to give our customers the best service available! For more information, please call Air On Demand at 305-259-5669.

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