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Signs of a Problem with Your Electric Heat Strips

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Because heating our homes isn’t often on our minds in Florida’s warm weather as much as cooling them, we might not have given a lot of thought on how to keep our homes warm during the occasional cold weather. This is a reason that electric heat strips are a great option, since they allow you to convert an AC into a part-time heater at a low-cost… there’s no need for a second system.

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How to tell you have problems with your electric heat strips

An electric heat strip looks like a series of coils. It attaches to the air handler on an air conditioning system and then heats the air coming out of the blower (with the AC in “fan only” mode). Essentially, it converts the air handler into a small-scale electric furnace.

Like any electronic system, a heat strip can malfunction and stop working. If your air conditioner is only blowing room temperature air when you turn on the heat strip, it’s most likely broken and will either need repairs or replacement. Because of the danger of an electric shock, you should only entrust this work to a professional.

If you feel the heat you get from your air handler is insufficient, although still present, the issue may not be a malfunction, but improper sizing of the electric strips. These units come in many different sizes, ranging in capacity from 8,500 BTUs to 85,000 BTUs—if you have the wrong one for the size of your home, you won’t get sufficient heat. (Or it could go the opposite way and you will receive too much heat, and will also likely trip a circuit breaker.) Always make sure professionals install your electric strips to avoid these issues.

Air on Demand has NATE-certified technicians on staff to help you when you have trouble with the electric heat strips in your house. NATE certification means repair technicians with the best training possible to deliver you the heating repair in Miami, FL that will restore the comfort in your home.

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Why Choose Electric Heat Strips in Miami

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

When you live in Miami, Florida, the heating system in your home is not really a priority. You’re probably more concerned about how you’re going to keep yourself cool during the heat. Because we rarely need heat in Florida, having a large heating system, like a furnace, is not strictly necessary or cost effective. One popular alternative is a heat strip system. Here we explore some of the reasons why a heat strip might be a good idea for your home.

What is a Heat Strip

For those who are unfamiliar with heat strips, they operate in a similar fashion to portable electric space heaters that you plug into your wall. Heat strips have coils of wires that heat up the air around them. They are typically installed in your central AC unit. When needed, they heat up and your air conditioning system’s fan blows air over them. The heated air is carried through your normal air conditioning ducting and delivered to the rooms in your house.

Benefits of a Heat Strip

  • Few moving parts – The heat strip pretty much just sits in your air conditioning system waiting to be used. All it needs is a power source and a connection to your thermostat so there really aren’t any moving parts. This makes them durable and low maintenance.
  • Heat up quickly – The heat strip using electric resistance to create heat. This is a very fast process. If you’ve used a portable electric heater, or a toaster, the coils get red and generate heat quickly.
  • Easy to maintain – Heat strips, because they are comprised of few parts, are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to Install – With compatible units, the heat strip is almost a plug-and-play component. Professional installation is usually quick and less expensive than some traditional systems.

If you have any questions about your heat strip or if you’d like to know if a heat strip is a good option for your home in Miami, call Air On Demand today

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