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Where to Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

Monday, September 17th, 2018

ductless-air-conditioner-unitDuctless mini-split systems are constantly praised for their efficiency, low operating costs, and ability to both heat and cool your home. But there’s one thing that always holds people back from being completely sold…

Where the heck are you supposed to install that giant air handler?

Since it’s required that one unit occupy each room you want to heat or cool, it means you’ll need to install a big, rectangular air handler on the wall. It’s understandable that this could seem obtrusive. In reality, many homeowners completely forget about their air handlers, but it’s hard to see that before you install one for yourself. In this post, we’ll explain the basic requirements for placing a ductless mini-split unit.

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What Really Makes a Ductless Mini Split Different?

Monday, March 6th, 2017

ductless-mini-splitAre you one of the many residents without central air conditioning in the Cutler Bay, FL area? You may have found other ways to cool down the house, like a room AC unit that doesn’t require ducts to run. However, most of these solutions are inefficient and undesirable.

If you are missing the duct system required for standard central AC, we have a solution. Ductless air conditioning is unlike any cooling system you’ve tried. Find out what makes a ductless mini-split cooling system different below, and call our team for more information.

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What Is the Process Involved with Ductless Installation?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

If you are on the hunt for a new ductless heat pump, you may have heard how efficient these units are. Ductless mini split air conditioners move heat from inside of your home to the outside. And in cooler weather, ductless heat pumps can also move heat into the home from the outdoors. Most ductless units are rated highly for efficiency, especially for heating, since less energy is required to move heat into a space than to produce it.

Furthermore, you get the benefits that come with a lack of ductwork. Ductwork can bring dust into a home, and most ducts actually contain cracks and holes that keep air from moving into the home efficiently. A ducted unit may consume additional energy simply because of the flaws commonly found in the ductwork. Prevent the hassle that goes along with duct installation by installing ductless mini split installation in Pinecrest with the experts at Air on Demand.

The Process of Installation

Many people who schedule duct installation are most concerned with avoiding home renovations. Adding ductwork is time-consuming, costly, and changes the structure of the home. With a ductless unit, however, the installation often takes only a day. In fact, you’ll only need to make one small renovation: a hole in the wall through which technicians feed the refrigerant line that connects the inside and outside units.

The outside unit is just like the outside portion of any air conditioning system. This contains an outside condenser coil, a large fan, and the compressor, among other electrical components. Each unit can usually fit up to 4 indoor air handlers, which go high up on the wall of the rooms of your home. You’ll want an air handler in each room or zone of the house in which you require heating and cooling.

While the setup seems fairly simple, there is a lot that goes into it, including careful calculations and sizing, secure mounting of the indoor air handlers, and a precise refrigerant charge. Only trust your ductless mini split air conditioner installation in Pinecrest to experienced technicians, like the friendly team at Air on Demand. Call us today for quality ductless services!

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3 Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Ductless air conditioning as an option for home comfort has taken off during the last two decades. Originally, ductless mini splits were used primarily for businesses (they are especially popular for restaurants) but their numerous benefits have made them impossible for homeowners to pass up.

If your home is right for installation of a ductless mini split AC, you should give the idea serious consideration. We’ll look at some of the advantages you can enjoy when your go ductless for cooling down your home.

Air on Demand installs ductless mini split air conditioners in Miami, FL. This is a complex job, and isn’t something you want to delegate to inexperienced amateurs (or attempt to do yourself) so contact our team when you think that ductless is your best choice.

3 of the Benefits of Ductless ACs

  • They also provide heat: Ductless air conditioners are actually ductless mini split heat pumps. That means they can provide heating as well as cooling. Heat pumps are excellent for Florida weather, since they work as well as any standalone air conditioner of comparable size and can ably handle our mild winters while in heating mode.
  • They help protect indoor air quality: One of the unfortunate problems with ductwork is that it collects dust, dirt, dander, and other contaminating particles, which is then blown out into your home’s air and recirculated. Only regular duct cleaning can prevent this. When you eliminate ducts with the installation of a ductless mini split, you take away this reservoir for pollutants and help keep your air healthier without the need for regular cleaning. If you have people with allergies or asthma living in your home, going ductless can make their lives much easier.
  • Energy savings: Ductless mini split heat pumps send conditioned air into your home through wall-mounted blower units, each which connects to the outside unit. Because you can individually control the blowers, you only have to send conditioned air to the parts of the house that need it. Unlike a central AC, you don’t have to cool down the entire house each time the system comes on, and this will lead to a reduction in your utility bills. You will also reduce the energy loss that can happen along the length of ductwork, increasing your savings.

Ductless mini splits are not right for every home: they work best for new construction, remodeling, add-on rooms, or for older and historic homes that lack the room for ducts. If you are unsure about installation, call the professionals at Air on Demand. We can look over your home and your current AC and determine if installing one of our ductless mini split air conditioners in Miami, FL is your best option for year-round comfort.

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