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Help! My AC Still Won’t Cool My Home!

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

man-fan-chair-hatThere is nothing quite worse than an ineffective air conditioner, especially during a hot summer day! But, what do you do if your air conditioner is in mint condition and your still not getting the relief you’re looking for?

What if we told you that the reason your home isn’t getting cool enough has nothing to do with the air conditioner itself? What do we mean by that, you ask? Well, sometimes, the reason your home isn’t keeping cool is due to outside factors, like the amount of insulation you’ve got in your home or even faulty ductwork.

Below, we’ve described some of the ways HVAC techs like us can give you the cooling relief you need to enjoy a more comfortable summer. Keep reading to find out more!

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How Can Duct Repair Improve Your Air Conditioning?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

The ducts in your home provide a pathway from the air handler to the vents in your home. Any disruption in this path—kinks in the ductwork, holes, cracks, or even a collapsed duct—makes it a lot more difficult for air to move efficiently. Cold air begins to fill unoccupied spaces, such as the attic or crawlspace, and though it may still enter your home, it does so slowly. This means that you end up paying extra to cool the living spaces, which is why prompt duct repair is so important.

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Signs You Need Duct Repair

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

Home ductwork is designed to remain invisible. This has the negative side effect of making it difficult to know when the ducts need repairs to seal up breaks or spots where joints have separated. It’s important for your comfort, your HVAC system’s efficiency, and your indoor air quality that your ducts maintain complete sealing along their length.

When you know you need duct repair in Miami, FL, the people to call are our ductwork specialists at Air on Demand. We not only install and repair heaters and air conditioners; we specialize in indoor air quality and ductwork services.

We’re familiar with the many problems that may afflict your ducts, and we’d like to share some ways you can detect that you need repairs even though you cannot see most of the ventilation system.

  • An increase in your energy bill – When your ducts suffer leaks due to breaks or connector separation, the air pressure inside them will drop and affect the performance of your heater/AC. Your comfort system will attempt to compensate for the pressure loss to reach its set temperature, requiring it to drain excess power. If your heating or cooling bill starts to rise for no obvious reason, it may mean broken ducts.
  • Musty smells from the vents – Ductwork moves through closed-off parts of your home where dust collects and air rarely circulates: attics, crawlspaces, between walls. The air here is usually stale and musty, and breaks in ducts will draw it in and vent it out into your rooms, warning you that there is damage somewhere along the ventilation system.
  • Cold/warm spots – Because of the loss of air pressure from ductwork damage, rooms in your home will start to experience uneven temperatures. A room near to a major break in the ducts will not receive the level of heating or cooling it is supposed to, and you’ll discover that it has a temperature different from the rest of the house. If the HVAC system seems to be operating normally, these uneven heating spots often indicate ductwork trouble is responsible for the temperature change.

Ductwork repair requires trained technicians—not a few minutes with duct tape and some hope. Call up professionals for this job as soon as you sense you have a problem, otherwise you’ll face dirty air, higher bills, and an HVAC system that may soon start to sustain damage from overwork.

Air on Demand delivers quality duct repair in Miami, FL, as well as duct installation, sealing, and repairs to take care of all your ventilation concerns. Call us today to speak to one of our ductwork specialists.

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Understanding the Importance of Ductwork in Your Home

Monday, February 11th, 2013

*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

Dcut Sealing | Miami | Air On DemandMost home owners hardly ever think about the ducts in their home unless there is an issue. However, leaky ducts themselves are a huge problem in many homes and many homeowners are not aware of the potential danger and financial loss caused by this. John Lippert, a specialist in energy efficiency and renewable energy, wrote this great article about the threat of leaky ducts for the U.S. Department of Energy website.

  • Leaky or damaged ductwork will leak conditioned air into the attic or crawlspace, costing you money and decreasing efficiency
  • Backdrafting can draw carbon monoxide down your chimney, which can be very dangerous to you and your family
  • Warm moist air can be pulled from outside due to leaky ducts, leading to mold and mildew in your home
  • Duct tape IS NOT the solution for leaky ducts, leave duct sealing to the professionals

Air On Demand offers ductwork installation, maintenance, repair and sealing services in the Miami area. Let us help diagnose your energy efficiency issues and make sure no hazardous backdrafts or mold growth is occurring in your home. Call Air On Demand today!

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Why Should I Care About My Home’s Ductwork? A Miami Heating and Air Conditioning Guide

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Forced-air heating systems like furnaces or electric heat strips are extremely popular in Miami. They provide reliable and relatively cheap heating for your home. They also require little maintenance to keep them running well. However, there is one aspect of those systems that are rarely considered: the duct work. At Air On Demand, we do a lot of work on ducts in the Miami area. We thought it would be helpful if we put together some of the reasons why people should pay attention to their ducts.

Why Is Ductwork Important?

Well, the ducts are an essential part of your heating and air conditioning system. They deliver the heated and cooled air to each of your rooms. They have a critical job to do and without proper maintenance, your whole home can suffer.

Duct Leaks, Pinches and Cracks

Without proper maintenance and care, your ducts can start to cause a lot of problems for your home. Here just a few of them:

  • Wasted heat – You pay good money to heat the air in your home. In order to get from your furnace or AC system to your rooms, that air has to travel through your ducts. If your ducts have leaks or cracks in them, that heat could be escaping to the outside. This is obviously wasteful and undesirable.
  • Reduced efficiency – During a proper installation of ductwork, the heating contractor will try to make sure that the ducts take the shortest and straightest route from the air handler to each room. However, with a bad installation job, your ductwork might have unnecessary bends or even pinches in it. This makes it harder for the air handler to push the air and reduces efficiency.
  • Contaminants – While it is a good idea to let fresh air in from outside, you want to be able to control the quality of the air that comes in. If your ducts have cracks or are leaking, you might be letting in air that is filled with contaminants. This can lower the quality of your air and might increase the negative effects of allergens.

If you have any questions about the ducts in your home in Miami, contact the experts at Air On Demand. We have years of experience offering working with ducts throughout the Miami  area. Call us today!

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