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3 Reasons to Schedule AC Repair the Moment You See a Problem

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Waiting a while to do the things we don’t want to do can be tempting. But, usually, taking care of problems right away is the better choice. You may not want to get your oil changed, for example, but you know that your car will suffer as a result of that action. You might not want to vacuum, but you know your allergies will act up if you don’t. And you may not want to clean the bathtub, but you know it gets harder and harder to clean the longer you wait and allow dirt to build up.

Waiting to repair your air conditioning system may seem tempting. You want to put off spending money for as long as you can, after all. But it turns out that the longer you wait, the worse things can get. It’s so important to repair your air conditioner the moment you notice a problem within the system. Here’s why.

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Miami, FL Air Conditioning Repair: Signs of a Broken Thermostat

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

We rely on our air conditioning systems every day to supply cool air to our homes and businesses. Your air conditioning system is complicated, with many different components and mechanisms, all working in cooperation to provide consistent cooling for your home. The thermostat is one of the most vital components because is the only interface you have for communicating with your air conditioner; without it, your AC could not turn on and wouldn’t know what temperature adjustments to make. Because of its importance, it’s critical that you recognize the signs of a broken thermostat, so that you can have it fixed or replaced. When you need Miami air conditioning repair services, call the experts at Air on Demand today!

Let’s look at a few common signs that your thermostat is broken:

  • AC won’t turn on:  If your AC won’t turn on, the cause could be a broken thermostat. It could be an electrical or wireless connectivity problem, whereby the link between your thermostat and the air handler is broken. There are other possibilities, but it’s often a faulty thermostat.
  • Inadequate cooling: If you feel as though your AC used to cool your home much better than it does now, it could be linked to faulty thermostat. If you feel like your AC turns off before the temperature reaches your desired setpoint, then the thermostat may not be sensing the correct temperature, or may not be communicating with the blower fan properly.
  • AC won’t turn off: While it may seem like you never want your AC to turn off during the summer, it should not be running all the time. Once sufficient cool air has filled up the living space, then the thermostat should communicate that the desired temperature has been reached. 

We hope this brief guide helps you to identify a thermostat function. For Miami, FL air conditioning repair, call Air on Demand today! 


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How You Can Prevent the Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Miami

Monday, April 15th, 2013

As we begin the cooling season in Miami, FL, you may have concerns about the operation of your air conditioning system. After all, we use our air conditioning systems a lot down here, and when the heat and humidity outside becomes uncomfortable, we need our homes to provide crisp and cool air. For this reason, homeowners throughout the area are looking for ways to prevent the need for repair. In this post, we’d like to run you through several ways to prevent the need for air conditioning repair in Miami, FL. For more information, or to schedule a service, call the pros at Air on Demand today!

  • Enroll in a maintenance plan: There’s no substitute for professional care. A routine maintenance plan is the best way to prevent the need for air conditioning repair. When a tech visits your home to look at the AC system, he knows exactly what to look for, having worked on hundreds of similar units and having had the training to diagnose even uncommon problems. Professional inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups allow your system to run as it should, and this service may be necessary if your AC is still under warranty. In addition to such comprehensive care, the maintenance plan also gives you discounts on repairs and new equipment, priority service and no overtime charges.
  • Clean and replace your air filter: This is one of the simplest tasks every homeowner can and should do on a regular basis during the cooling season. Unfortunately, dirty and clogged air filters are common causes of air conditioning repair. When the airflow of your AC system is blocked, it cannot operate properly. Make sure you check your air filter about once a month this summer.
  • Keep your AC clean and clear of debris: Dirt and debris are the number one causes of air conditioning repair. By ensuring that the area surrounding your AC units (both indoor and outdoor) is free of debris, you are significantly reducing the risk of major repairs due to neglect.

We hope you find these useful. For more information about our air conditioning repair services in Miami, FL, call the experts at Air on Demand today! 

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