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Air On Demand: A Miami Ygrene-Certified Contractor

Ygrene-certified-badgeThe #1 reason homeowners don’t upgrade old, failing air conditioning equipment until the last possible minute: cost. If you think that you cannot afford a new AC system before summer starts, think again. Finance your new air conditioner in Miami through the Ygrene Works program, and payment is easier and more affordable than ever before.

Air On Demand is proud to be an Ygrene certified contractor, helping homeowners to get quality, high-efficiency air conditioners and other home upgrades with easy payments made through your property taxes. Call our team to learn more.

About Ygrene Works

Ygrene Works is a national program that offers 100% financing to homeowners who make upgrades that benefit energy efficiency. This includes new air conditioner installation, and other upgrades that can…

  • Increase energy efficiency and lower bills
  • Improve comfort and air quality
  • Raise your home’s value

Ygrene helps you to upgrade sooner than you thought you could. There is no upfront cost—in fact, you can delay payment by up to 17 months. That means that instead of spending, you can save money and spread out the total cost of AC installation over a term of up to 20 years.

Ygrene financing works through the PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) program, which aims to improve energy efficiency across the nation. This program allows Ygrene financing to be repaid along with your property taxes—so it’s easy and tax deductible.

In addition, your eligibility is based on your home equity, so we don’t have to check your credit score or other personal finance information. That also allows payments to transfer to new homeowners, meaning you only pay for your air conditioner or other home upgrades as long as you use them.

You can get approval in minutes, so there’s no reason not to see if Ygrene is the program for you. Only a local Ygrene-certified contractor can do the work for you, so only contact a contractor who offers air conditioning installation through Ygrene financing.

When to Schedule Your AC Replacement

So how can you tell it’s really time to give up your old AC and find a high-efficiency unit through an Ygrene-certified contractor? You may have to call in an AC technician to be sure. If you’re on the fence, here’s our advice for finding the best time to upgrade.

  • Your old air conditioner uses up too much energy or needs frequent repairs.
  • The cost of a repair for your air conditioner will cost hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dollars. When a repair totals half the cost of a new system, it’s definitely too much.
  • Your air conditioning equipment is 10-15 years old, increasing the chances of a sudden system failure in the middle of summer.

Schedule your appointment as early as possible so that you’re not stuck dealing with AC replacement in the middle of summer, when contractors are busy and going without air conditioning for a day seems like a nightmare.

Air On Demand is an Ygrene contractor in Miami, FL. Check your eligibility here, and call us to start your air conditioning installation today.

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