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AC Problems That Get Worse Without Repair

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Any mechanical system like an air conditioner can develop malfunctions that will put greater stress on its components, and this will lead to further deterioration. This means that, essentially, any problem in your air conditioning will grow worse if you do not call for technicians to repair it. You cannot ignore a single fault in an AC; you risk losing your cooling entirely.

However, some air conditioning problems are harsher than others and will grow worse much faster if allowed to continue without attention. Here are some of the AC malfunctions that will get increasingly worse if left unrepaired.

When you have any of these troubles, call on the experience of Air on Demand for your air conditioning repair in Miami, FL.

  • Grinding motors: A major warning sign that your air conditioner will send that it needs repairs is a loud grinding sound from the cabinet. This usually means that one of the motors is wearing down from lack of lubrication, a covering of dust, or worn down bearings. If left without professional attention, the motor will soon break down completely. Repair technicians can swap out the dying motor for a new one.
  • Icing along the coils: Although it may seem normal for some ice to appear along the indoor coils (the AC is blowing out cold air, after all), it’s actually a serious signal of trouble, either with dirt along the coils or a leak in the refrigerant. The ice will impair proper heat absorption, and it will continue to grow until it creates a solid ice block across the coil that will prevent any heat exchange or cooling at all. Scraping off the ice won’t help the problem: call for repairs.
  • Bad capacitor: There are a number of capacitors in an air conditioner that send electrical power to the motors. The start capacitor catalyzes the motors, and the run capacitor keeps them working. When capacitors start to go bad (you’ll hear a clicking sound from the cabinet), it will lead to damage to the motors as well, and eventually the capacitor will fail. A technician can replace the capacitor to prevent any further damage.

Although these are the more extreme examples of air conditioning repair that require you move fast, any trouble that starts up in your AC will eventually grow worse without trained assistance. You don’t want to risk your air conditioner breaking down on a hot day, nor do you want to waste money running a system that drains excess power.

If you need air conditioning repair in Miami, FL , call Air on Demand. We have more than a decade of experience keeping Miami cool.

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Air Conditioning Repair: AC Runs but No Cold Air

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

It’s a common air conditioning problem: the AC runs but there’s no cold air. We see this issue all the time, and it’s a serious problem with the heat we experience here in Miami. If your AC is running, but the air isn’t cold, you need to get it dealt with as quickly as possible. What are some of the causes?

In many cases, the lack of cold air stems from a refrigerant leak. Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to facilitate the cooling process, and indeed needs a specific amount of refrigerant (the exact amount depends on the model of your air conditioner) in order to function. When it leaks, those levels drop, along with the cooling capacity of your unit. Ice usually forms on the evaporator coils, which further insulates the air you need to cool from the refrigerant charged with doing the job. An expert service technician can seal the leak and recharge refrigerant to the proper level.

In some cases, the issue lies not with the levels of refrigerant, but with the condenser, which reverts the refrigerant to liquid form as a part of the cooling process. If it malfunctions, then the air conditioner won’t function simply because there won’t be enough liquid refrigerant to return to gaseous form in the evaporator coil (which pulls heat from the surrounding air, which is then is distributed throughout your home). These cases tend to be more expensive than lower refrigerant levels, since the condenser itself will likely need to be replaced.

In any event, there are a number of possible causes of this problem: if the AC runs, but no cold air comes out, you need a trained expert to hunt down the cause and fix it. In Miami, air conditioning repair can be provided by the experts at Air on Demand. If you’re having problems with your AC system, now is the time to deal with them, before the heat of the summer begins in earnest. Call us to set up an appointment today!

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Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Even if the AC Is Still Running?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Modern air conditioners can withstand quite a bit of punishment and continue to operate. Often, a single malfunctioning component won’t prevent the unit from running and delivering you a steady supply of cool air. If you notice a fault in your AC, you may feel that it’s unnecessary to schedule repairs if the system still appears to be running fine.

However, any AC problem should be repaired quickly. No matter how well the AC may appear to be running, the outer appearance is deceiving. We’ll explain why you need to jump onto air conditioner problems as soon as you notice them with a call to a professional repair service.

Air on Demand specializes in care for Miami, FL Trane air conditioners and many other brands and models. Call our experienced staff today to restore your AC to full health before summer starts.

Reasons Prompt AC Repair is Important

First of all, consider what a summer in Miami is like. You’ll need your air conditioner running for long periods to provide you with the comfort to make it through the humid temperatures that peak in July. If your AC is currently running with a fault, it still isn’t near the level of operating stress that it will experience during summer. Do you want to risk the malfunction causing a shutdown on the hottest day of the year? Because that’s the chance you’re taking if you let repairs slide.

Second, for any complex mechanical system, a single malfunction tends to cause a chain reaction throughout the other components. For example, if the compressor motor in your air conditioner starts to make a strange noise, it’s probably running down. This will start to affect the compressor, which will affect the flow of refrigerant and then affect the coils. The stress on components will increase, causing them to wear down. Allowing one repair need to escape attention will cause other repair needs to crop up, making the eventual fixes much more costly.

Finally, you’re probably wasting money with a malfunctioning air conditioner. You may receive the same level of cooling, but your AC must struggle to provide that level because of internal problems. Your utility bills will begin to climb. Don’t pay more than you have to, especially when summer starts: have a trained technician on repairs as soon as possible.

At Air on Demand, we have a staff of NATE-certified technicians, and we are also Trane Comfort Specialists and can provide top quality work for all types of Trane air conditioners in Miami, FL, as well as many other brands. Contact us to have those repairs done before the heavy summer work starts for your air conditioner.

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Is Now the Right Time to Replace My AC?

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

As the long hot weather season in Florida begins to get into gear, you’ll begin thinking about how your current air conditioning system will hold up. If you have a fairly new AC, you shouldn’t have much to worry about as long as you have regular maintenance done during the spring to keep it fine-tuned. However, for an older air conditioner, you may wonder if perhaps the time is right—before the extreme heat strikes—to replace it with a newer system.

Choosing to have new air conditioning installation in Miami, FL takes commitment, but it may be the most long-term economical and short-term comfortable path to take. Air on Demand can make the process easier for you, and with our help, you’ll know if you need to repair or replace your AC, and you’ll have the trained and professional assistance necessary to do either.

When AC replacement is the best choice

The first step in deciding whether or not to replace your current air conditioning is to check on the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan for the system. If your air conditioner has met or exceeded it, then you’ve already received a great bargain from it and should consider a replacement before the AC begins to deteriorate and cost money in upkeep. You should consider this even if the older system appears to be working fine.

A replacement may be necessary for a system a few years younger than the expected lifespan if it has shown signs of consistent poor performance that repairs and maintenance have not improved. Look over your cooling bills for the last few years: if you notice a steady increase, despite regular maintenance, then your system is aging and should be replaced. Check over repair bills: a continual need for repairs also means a system past its prime and in need of a replacement.

You may also wish to change out your air conditioner to take advantage of a more efficient system that benefits from recent technology. Some customers decide to switch over to a heat pump instead of an AC so they can have cooling and heating in one package.

Call for professional installers

If you want a professional opinion regarding a replacement AC, contact heating and cooling specialists and let them look over your current system. They will help you make the best choice for your comfort and your budget. Let them handle the installation as well, if you go that route, so your new air conditioner/heat pump will work the best it can.

Air on Demand offers excellent air conditioning installation service in Miami, FL. Make us your first call when you prepare for the summer.

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